How many marriages per day worldwide?


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About 10,000.

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Between 90.000 and 100.000 flights per day.

Approximately 85,472,000 barrels per day worldwide. However, worldwide, consumption of petroleum products is about 85,534,000 barrels per day.

An estimated 88,000,000 barrels per day worldwide.

Around 4000-5000 per day Worldwide

In 2011, the average deaths per day are 154,138 worldwide.

Given 200 factories worldwide they can produce between 8000 and 10,000 per day.

Tens of milllions of pounds per day. about 1,984,720 pages per day!

Worldwide email traffic is expected to exceed ____ messages per day by 2013.

Aprox 100,000 Animals Are Poached A Year Worldwide so about 274 animals are poached per day

They sale nearly 800,000 per year worldwide.

Scuderia Ferrari sold 6,587 new cars worldwide in 2008, that is about 18 per day. (Toyota sold 2,217,662 cars in 2008, that is about 6075 per day)

Disney Channel receives 84 million viewers worldwide per day.

About 27-million. That's over 600-million per day.

Worldwide , Disney channel makes over 14 million views per day

TWENTY MILLION ACRES of forest are cut down each day, and 30% (SIX MILLION ACRES PER DAY!) becomes wood pulp for paper. There's an average worldwide of about 20 trees per acre, so that's about.... ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION TREES PER DAY! disgusting...

On average, there is about 100,000 or more children that die from various cancers each year worldwide. That equals to about 250 children that die per day.

The U.S. uses 46% of the total worldwide use of gasoline. The US consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline per day. That translates to about 869 million gallons consumed worlwide per day.

World Health Organisation says about 1.2 million per year

Assuming you are asking about sales : About 47 million burgers are sold at McDonald's branches worldwide.

It has a significant dependence on the number of people cleaning. I imagine that worldwide it would be millions of pounds per day.

1 million marriages fail per year.... 1 MILLION WORK OUT PER YEAR

In the US in 2011, the average birth rate is 11,637 babies per day (8 per minute). Worldwide, live births were 363,554 per day (252 per minute) in early 2011. (see related link)

Worldwide, 1.3 billion people live on less than $1 US dollar per day

about 100 million per year or more

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