How many meals are recommended to keep healthy?

The number of meals don't matter, it's the quantity and quality of food consumed. Many people have said that the standard "3-meals-a-day" idea is outdated, and I'd have to agree. Perhaps in the days of yore, when food preparation was difficult and people performed hard physical labor for most of the day, eating a meal at 7am, noon and 5 pm made sense. Nowadays, we're up at all hours, and attempting to segment our eating into three can be difficult, lead to inappropriate serving sizes and is downright uncalled for in many cases. Do you know if you're going to be up late working on that project, or if the whole family will be going out to eat around 6? Probably not. In any event, you might find yourself eating at times when you aren't hungry simply because it's "time to be eating" and eating even when you're not hungry because "it won't be time for eating for a while". With food, including healthy food, as abundant as it is, it doesn't make sense to force yourself into a neat little schedule. Eat when you're hungry until you're not hungry. Then stop eating until you are hungry. It's easy enough to open up a granola bar, make a sandwich or eat a piece of fruit. Your eating should revolve around your life and not the other way around. Whether this means eating 3 "meals" or 8 "meals", it doesn't really matter. Even the term "meal" seems a bit unwarranted for most events. If I have a granola bar and a fruit shake around 3pm, is that a "meal"? What if I go browse the web for an hour, then come back and have a sandwich with some milk- is that a continuation of the granola/shake meal, another meal, a snack, are both snacks-is there any reason to care? No. Focus on eating right and eating when you're hungry. The rest should take care of itself.