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How many megabytes of data can a factory made CD hold?


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A CD is 650-750 megabytes, typically around 700 MB. Now, DVDs come in various capacities. 4.7GB is the standard.


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An audio CD typically can hold up to 700 MB.

A factory made audio CD, like any other CD will hold 700 MB of data. However, for the purpose of minimizing errors in large scale production, they are not usually filled to their maximum capacity.

Megabyte storage in a CD-R can range from 600-700MB. A 700MB CD can hold around 80 minutes of music.

A CD Holds 700MB. it really is cool how you can edit stuff huh!

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16,000 (approximately) in a 16 Gigabyte thumb drive.

CDs can be used for any form or format of data as long as the total size of the combined files is under the total capacity of the CD, that capacity normally being 700 megabytes for a standard CD and 800 megabytes for a high capacity CD. From personal experiences, I have learned that even though a CDs label says it can hold 700 megabytes, there might be a 20-30 megabyte fluctuation in the total capacity due to how the CD is made.

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