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How many melimeters are in one centimeter?

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None, but there are ten millimetres in one centimetre.

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How many iron atoms are in one centimeter?

how many atoms of iron are in one centimeter

How many millimeter are in one centimeter?

There are 10 millimeters in one centimeter.

How many mililmers in a centimeter?

There are 10 millimeters in one centimeter.

How many centimeter in one centimeter?

one {1} - the same amount of Ducks in one Duck?

One centimeter equals how many mililiters?

One centimeter equals 10 millimeters.

How many milimeters are in a centimeter?

10 millimeters is equal to one centimeter.

How many milliliter in a cubic centimeter?

there is 10 milimeters in one centimeter

How many foot in one centimeter?

A centimeter is 1/30 of a foot.

How many milliliters are in a cubic centimeter?

One milliliter equals one cubic centimeter or one cc

How many mL are in one cubic centimeter?

They are equal in volume; one cubic centimeter equals one mL

How many inches is one centimeter?

Approximately 0.4 inches in 1 centimeter.

How many meters are in one centimeter meter?

if you mean 1 centimeter, NONE

How many millimeters are in one cubic centimeter?

1000 cubic millimeters in 1 cubic centimeter. one

How many kilometers are in one centimeter?

Kilometers are almost as big as miles one centimeter is as long as a fingernail

How many centmeters are in a millimeter?

There are 100 millimeters in one Centimeter.From this we can say that there are 0.01 Centimeter in one Millimeter.

How many centimeter cubed is equal to one milliliter?

One mL = one centimeter cubed 12 cm cubed is equal to how many ml

How many meters are in a centimeter?

1 meter = 100 centimeter. One centimeter is one hundredth of a meter (1/100 m) or 0.01 meter.

How many inches in one centimeter?

== Answer == === There are 2.54 centimeters in 1 inch, so 1 centimeter is 0.394 inches. === == How many inches in one centimeter ===== 1 cm is 0.39370079 inches ===

1 centimeter equals how many meters?

One centimeter equals .01 meters

How many mililiters are there in 1 cubic centimeter?

One cubic centimeter = 1cm^2 1 to the power of 2 = 1cm. In one centimeter, there are 10 millimeters.

How many fluid ounces in one cubic centimeter?

one (cubic centimeter) = 0.0338140227 US fluid ounces

How many is one centimeter in inches?

One centimetre in inches is 0.393701

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