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It is said that roughly one-third of the world is Christian. It is estimated that there are about 6.6 billion people on Earth. So, about 2.2 billion people in the world are Christian.

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Which Christian religion is the biggest?

Catholicism is the largest Christian religion with about 1.2 million members.

What religion are the members of Underoath?

The members from the band UnderØath are Christian.

Which mainstream religion do many members of Pentecostalism abandon to engage their new faith?

Many members of Pentecostal churches were previously members of more traditional Christian denominations. Many Pentecostals started their religious lives in Roman Catholic or Protestant churches. Pentecostalism is considered a Christian religion.

Are slipknot members Christian?

No, none of them have a religion.

What is the largest Christian based religion in the US with 115000 million members?


Are any slipknot members Christian?

No , they don't have a religion , but Corey Taylor used to be a Christian .

Are Catholics members of Christian religion?

Yes, all Catholics are Christian, followers of Christ

What religion is Breaking Benjamin?

Some of their members are Christian, but they aren't a Christian band.

What are the differences between the Greek religion and the Christian religion?

Most Greeks are members of the Greek Orthodox Church. The oldest Christian Church in existence.

What is dakota fanning's religion?

Christian. She and her family are members of the Southern Baptist Convention.

What religion is emmure?

I'm pretty sure that the band members are all Christian.

Which top nazi war criminals attended christian church services regularly?

None, nazis were not members of the Christian religion.

Is Saliva a Christian band?

All the members in the band say they are Christian, except for one that does not like to discuss religion with the press. However, the band is not Christian.

How many gods in Christian?

there is one god in the christian religion.

What did Constantine do in 313 ce that benifited christians?

He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.He made the Christian religion legal.

What is Chester Bennington's religion?

All the members (Including Chester) are born again Christians. But their music is not Christian, thought it has a Christian feel to it.

Can you undo being a Christian?

If any one doesn't wish to stay in a religion, they can leave it. There is no "undoing" it. Many people leave and become members of other religions or have no religion. It is a matter of free choice.

In what ways did religion affect settlement and law in the Maryland colony?

members of all christian faith

What was Orville wrights religion?

The Wright's were Christian and members of the United Church of the Brethren where their father was a Bishop.

Are the members of Five Finger Death Punch Christian?

They actually have not released their religion to the public yet.

What religion are the members of shinee?

Onew, Minho and Key are ChristianTaemin is either Catholic or Christianand Jonghyun is an Atheist (Although some people says he's Christian)

How many members are in the christian coalition of America?

600,000 members nationwide.

Is the band Bless The Fall a Christian band?

Blessthefall have said that they do not like to be labeled as a 'Christian Band' as they do not like to force their religion on anyone. But the members of the band are all personally Christian.

How many members of the Islam religion?

There are about 189,000

How many members are in the Hinduism religion?


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