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84 million active users worldwide

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Q: How many members does eBay have?
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How many members does Amazon have?


Can eBay members see that you've opened a case with another eBay member?

Any open cases can only be seen by the members involved. There is no public notice, display, or message.

Is there such a site as eBay?

Yes. Ebay is a auction site where members can list their items online for sales. Similarly, you can buy things through eBay too. You can also buy and sell internationally as there are members all over the world selling and buying products on the website.

How many members does webstore have?

Millions I'm a member of webstore and they beat the hell out of ebay hands a smart auction seller go to !

How many different eBay websites are there?

There is only one main eBay, but they have many subs, such as eBay Motors. They also own many other companies.The following are eBay companies:eBay Classified GroupsPayPalStubHubHalf.comShopping.comKijijialaMaulaVivanunciosAuction.comBillMeLaterRent.comGittiGidiyorLoQuoEachNetMicroPlace

How many members does the progressive labor party have nationally?

how many members of many members of conservatives dose each party have?how many members of many members of conservatives dose each party have?

Is eBay British?

Ebay is originally American but has a site for many countries such as eBay UK, and eBay italia. All these have there own address.

How many sellers does eBay have?

That question is almost impossible to answer because most eBay members both buy and sell on eBay, so to give both buyer and seller totals would give the impression that there were around twice as many users as there actually are. What can be stated is that there were 85.7 million active users of the site for the third quarter of 2008. there is alyways people on eBay selling items. that is how eBay gets its money. there are always 10's of millions online selling and even more buying at the same time.

How do you locate stores still selling vintage playmobile that has been discontinued you see eBay members listing many of these sets Where do they get them?

Most of these come from the seller's own private collection.

Is eBay a business?

eBay is a business, currently a very big business with local sites in many countries. They aren't, however, a business that you can buy items from - they provide 'a platform' to allow eBay members to buy from and sell to each other. It's a kind of E-business,c2c exactly, which means all buying and selling are on-line.

Do people send cars to get shipped out of eBay headquarters?

No, they don't. eBay don't handle any cars or any money for eBay members. Anyone telling you that they do either of these things is probably trying to cheat you out of your money, so be on your guard.

How many shoppers are on eBay?

That is a very difficult question to answer because most eBay members both buy and sell there and so a member can't be described as either wholly a buyer or wholly a seller. What it is possible to say, is that for the third quarter of 2008, there were 85.7 million active users.

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