How many members does MySpace have?

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myspace has over 200 million members

EDIT: This answer is extremely outdated, it is closer to 30 million members as of June, 2011
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What is MySpace?

MySpace is an online social networking website that allows you to communicate with friends and other people around the globe. You can post images of yourself, you can blog about your ideas and concerns, and you can post comments on other people's profiles.. You can also keep in touch with long dist ( Full Answer )

How do you get on MySpace?

go to --->after going to click on SIGN UP. You have to register an account to login. It's FREE. You have to have a valid email address to sign up. You can get free email addresses on Yahoo, Google or MSN..

How do you get a MySpace?

The way that you get a MySpace account. Is by clicking on the URL bar in your browser, such as, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 1.0, AOL 9.1, or Safari. And typing in, "" Then, click on, "Sign Up." The MySpace website, will ask you for some personal information. After ( Full Answer )

How many people have died as a result of meeting someone on MySpace?

Dont.Just dont there are so many things wrog with that. But if you cant fight the feeling and you knwo that you and that person are destined to meet. Here are some guidelines to follow. 1.Meet in a PUBLIC PLACE =movies,theme park,wal-mart, etc. 2. Bring two or more friends with you, the mor ( Full Answer )

Why can not you get on MySpace?

because,the schools internet is blocked with good stuff like any whoo.go on this it will give you another site that has a number code click on it and copy it and it will say dare to enter but aww yeahh enter if josh if ( Full Answer )

How many parents approve of MySpace?

out of 10 kids about 4 parents approve. 1 doesnt care, and 5 disagree.. Another answer . Or more likely, out of 10 parents, 3 of them don't know what it is, and 7 of them don't know that their kid is on it.. I am a parent and I approve. The thing that no one is saying is part of parenting someo ( Full Answer )

When and why was MySpace?

myspace was inventes in the 1970's and it was invented because someone names Tom Anderson wanted it to be invented.don't you like haveong one if you have one.L.O.L!!=)

How do get a MySpace?

To get a myspace you must have an e mail and then go to site then go to sign up and go from there.. You will also need to activate it. You activate it by clicking on the link you get in your e-mail.

How you can get on MySpace?

First, you need to go If you haven't joined, then you need to click "sign up" on the page and fill out all the information needed.. Make sure you give the correct e-mail address that you use, so they can send you a conformation code. . After you have signed up and confirmed your ( Full Answer )

How do you get into MySpace?

by using one of this proxies. do not use this one because is alrady blocked . . . < new >

About you on MySpace?

About you being on myspace is very exciting but being on to much can rot your brain it is smart to just to be on it for just about 2 hours or 1 hour 30 mintues.

How is MySpace?

Everyone has their own opinion about MySpace. Personally, I love it! You would just have to give it a try for yourself to see how you would like it.

Do you have MySpace?

I don't have a Myspace I deleted mine because everyone got off of it for Facebook.

How do YOU play Myspace Mobster Like... How do you get fast cash what do you spend it on how many mob members do you have whats your hourly income what do you own what are you skills If if you want to?

have to just do missions and acquire money, then buy property to gain income, slowly it will build, 10 days u should have at least 100 million . He is right. The easiest way to do that is to get your mob as big as you can. Once you get to the higher levels you need more mobsters to do the big mis ( Full Answer )

How do you get more mafia members on myspace mafia wars?

Just type in Mafia Wars Fan Club or something in your search bar. Once there just 'join' the club and then post something like 'add me and I'll add you'. You will soon get people asking to be your friend on your homepage, it's just a matter of accepting them. Once you have done that, go to 'my mafi ( Full Answer )

How do you get many contacts on MySpace?

do friend requests to alot of people that you might be interested in.Just don't tell your personal information unless you want to get killed,kidnapped,murdered,get in big trouble.

What is myspac?

Myspace is a social network where only people that are 18 and older can join. Its a place where you can make your own page with your own back rounds and you can have your information on such as your name and the city that you live in and you can say what your mood it and you can have a little smiley ( Full Answer )

How many ways can you edit your MySpace?

There is a million! If you want to edit your myspace photos you should consider Screen Dash. It gives you the myspace code after you add text, drawings, photo edits etc. to your photo.

How many levels are in the MySpace vampires game?

I believe that the level doesn't have a certain limit but I believe that once you get to a certain level you can't unlock anymore items. But who knows? There hasn't been someone that's gotten to level 5,000 yet right? Ha.

What you can do on MySpace?

Myspace is all about meeting people, keeping in touch with friend and looking at your friends pitcures. To be honst myspace is a lot of drama.. Look on and type in kid obssesed with myspace. It's really scary to know what my space can do to you and your love ones.. But they are a lot o ( Full Answer )

What can you do on MySpace?

Make friends. Network. Comment and message people. Share pictures and videos. Tell people about yourself. Post Bulletins that go to all your friends with surveys, links, pictures, or videos in them. Play games. Listen to music and add it to your profile.

How do you do a MySpace?

Go to and click SIgn Up in the right top corner. Fill out the info and get your myspace set up. Then go to and you can get a really cool myspace layout for free (its a nice safe website with no pop-ups and good designs) and then follow the directions th ( Full Answer )

Who has myspaces?

Most people have a Myspace. Usually people over 14 that don't have a Myspace tend to have a Facebook. Celebs, Unknown music artists, and Friends have myspace.

How do you get on to MySpace?

You go to Then login or sign up.. You go to Then login or sign up.

What do you do on MySpace?

I guess if you'd have one youd know... . get one its really easy you talk to friends and family

What is MySpace about?

I think myspace is mainly about talking to friends and meeting new people, but be careful who you talk to and don't give away any personal details like where you live and what your phone number is. It is also a good place to advertise businesses and other things or you could keep in touch with a fri ( Full Answer )

Why is there a MySpace?

because its how you keep in contact with friends and familys all over the world and its to make new friends from all over the world.

About how many MySpace are there?

The creator of myspace's name is tom and he has everyone on his profile and it says that he has 261292509 friends... plus more signing up as we speak...

Myspace is for what?

It depends.. .. Whether you like talking to friends,. hooking up, or just staying in touch with relitaves.. Myspace is for all sorts of things.. )

How can i get to MySpace?

Well first you would have an email account with can be obtained at: etc..... after that process you will have 2 go 2 and register just lik if u where to register at twitter, facebook etc! no money required

Who has MySpace?

i have one but im not going to give you the link to mine for personal reasons and security reasons.

Is it possible to find out who logs into your Myspace music site to listen to your music if they are not members How do I get hold of Tom founder of MySpace?

That would be a question to ask Tom, the founder/creator of MySpace.. If you have a MySpace account, he should be an automatic friend on your friends list, unless you deleted him...I suggest looking him up using the MySpace search by typing in his ScreenName Tom into the search criteria bar.. Then ( Full Answer )

If you have a MySpace?

I have a myspace but i have a new email and dont remember my password

How do you do your about me on MySpace?

simple, all you have to do is go to edit profile then on the side column it should say 'about me ' then click on that and so forth.

Why do you have a MySpace?

You have a Myspace so that you can make a profile about yourself, Talk to your friends, Upload Pictures, and Play Apps and games!

How can you have a MySpace?

go on and on the side it says login or sighn up go to sighn up and follow it from there when u get ur myspace u can add me jk jk[:

How many people still use MySpace?

Myspace User-Revenue rates have Lowered by 90% since January of2011. There was an estimated amount of 90,000 Users on Myspace everysecond of the day when it was online, in a date range from:2008-2011 (august) The rates then lowered to 25,000 Users online every second of theday when the site was onl ( Full Answer )

How many people currently have accounts with myspace?

Though not anywhere near the 1 in 6 people of the world owning a facebook account, myspace still has over 2 million users with accounts. Myspace is in the process of revamping the site.

How many active users does MySpace still have?

Myspace has about 25 million active users. This number may not be An accurate number, since there are certain Myspace account holder who have multiple accounts.