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How many men and women competed in gymnastics events at the 2004 Olympics?


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Well I think many people were inspired by Carly Patersons victory and I know she has many fans all over...did you know she quit gymnastics to become a singer??


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At the 1900 Games in Paris, women competed for the first time. The events women competed in were golf, tennis, and croquet.

Over 2,000 athletes from 201 nations competed in 47 events. Men competed in 24 events and women in 23. 21 events were the same for both men and women.

Women first competed at the 1900 Olympics in Paris. The events they competed in were golf, tennis, and croquet.

3,684 women athletes competed in the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Women competed at the Olympic Games for the first time at the 1900 Paris Olympics.

Balanace beam, floor routine, uneven bars, bars

Women were first accepted in to the Olympics in 1900. The games were held in Paris, France and the women competed in five events: Tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrianism, and golf.

In 1900, women first competed in the Paris Olympic Games. Women were allowed to compete in lawn tennis and golf. Women first competed in swimming Olympic events in 1912.

The first time women competed in the Olympics was 1900 in Paris, and the competitive event was croquet.

At the 1948 Games in London, women competed in art competitions, athletics, canoeing, diving, fencing, gymnastics, and swimming.

10,625 athletes competed during the events held in Athens, Greece.

19 women competed in three sports (golf, croquet, tennis) at the 1900 Games in Paris, the first Olympics where women competed.

19 women competed in the 1900 Olympics ... 6 in tennis, 3 in croquet, and 10 in golf.

Women first competed in Olympic events at the 1900 Games in Paris. Women's events were held in tennis and golf and women were allowed to compete in croquet on teams with men.

In the 1900 Paris, France Olympics, women competed in activities such as golfing.

The sport is millenia old, but the first international competition was a men's event at the 1896 Athens Olympics. Women did not compete in the Olympics until the second Olympiad, Paris 1900, and only 22 women competed, and none of them in gymnastics. Women's gymnastics did not really exist until the 1920's, and that was primarily calisthenicss demonstrations.

Women did not compete in the Olympics. The first Olympic Games that women competed in were the 1900 Games in Paris. Women competed in golf, tennis, and croquet in 1900.

A total of 464 athletes competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics (438 men, 26 women).

Thousand's of women have competed. I think the most women were probably in the women's skating competition.

Women first competed in the modern Olympics in 1900 in sailing, tennis, croquet, golf and equestrian events.

Men have competed in Olympic discus since the first Modern Olympics in 1896. Women have competed in Olympic discus since 1928.

The women only events in artistic gymnastics are balance beam and uneven bars. Women only perform rhythmic gymnastics.

The Men and Women in Olympics do different events.The Women's events are:FloorVaultUneven BarsBeamThe Men's events are:Floorhigh barpommel horseparallel barsstill ringsvaultThere is also rhythmic gymnastics (for women)And trampolining (for men and women but they compete in seperate categories.)

Women first competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris.

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