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How many men and women served in the US military during the Vietnam War?

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About 2.1 million total men and women served in the Vietnam War. Two hundred and fifty thousand lost their lives, were MIA, or injured.

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Did women serve in the war with Vietnam?

Women volunteered for the military, and in most cases, volunteered for Vietnam; nearly all served as nurses.

How many women served in the military during World War 2?

About 350,000 US women served in the US military.

How many women served in the Navy Nurse Corps during the Vietnam War?

Approximately 7,500 US military female nurses served in country; of which about 500 were USN.

How were women treated during the Vietnam War?

US Army women served in the Women's Army Corps (WAC's) which was disbanded in 1975, with the incoming of the "ALL VOLUNTEER" military.

How many people went to Vietnam war?

9,087,000 military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam Era 8,744,000 personnel were on active duty during the war 3,403,100 (including 514,300 offshore) personnel served in the SE Asia 2,594,000 personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam Another 50,000 men served in Vietnam between 1960 and 19647,484 women served in Vietnam, of whom 6,250 or 83.5% were nurses

To what capacity did women serve in the Vietnam war?

As in WW2 and the Korean War, Women primarily served as nurses during the Vietnam War.

How many women soldiers were in the vienam war?

1. WWI-10,000 US military women served over-seas. 2. WWII-350,000 US military women served in the military. 3. Korean War-approximately 600 US military women served in Korea-nearly all nurses. 4. Vietnam War-about 7,500 US military women in country; nearly all were nurses.

What did women the military do in Vietnam?

There were many women working in military hospitals in the Vietnam war.

How many women served in Vietnam?

7,484 women served in Vietnam War. Out of that 6,250 (or 83.5%) were nurses. Eight of them were killed.

How did the Vietnam war change the nurses lives?

During WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam women volunteered for the military, and for overseas assignments, including Vietnam. 1. Approximately 34,000 US women served in the US military during WWI; and 38 died, mostly from the flu. 2. Approximately 350,000 US women served in the US military during WWII; 200 died, 4 received the Silver Star, and 77 were POWs. 3. Approximately 46,000 US women served in the US military; but only 600 US females served in the Korean War, assigned to medical duties. 7. Approximately 261,000 US women served in the US military; 7,500 in Vietnam; 5,000 US Army; 2,000 US Air Force; 500 US Navy; and 27 US Marine Corps. Eight (8) US military women died in Vietnam; with the exception of 1, all died from accidents. How did it change their lives? Most likely the same as it affected the lives of the US females in previous US wars. People experience war in one of two ways; they either volunteered for it, or it was forced upon them (drafted). Whichever manner applies to them, would have a bearing on how it affected them.

What does the soldier in the Vietnam's women's memorial signify?

The statue represents the US Military Nurses that served in the Vietnam War. The roles of women during the Vietnam War, were the same as portrayed during the Korean War (see films: MASH), WWII, and World War I.

How many Women served in the armed forces during Vietnam war?

See: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

What were most women serving as during the war in Vietnam?

Women served in the WAVES & WACs during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. They were auxiliaries supporting the American Fighting Men. Their predominant duties were as medical nurses.

How many transsexual women are in the us?

About 1 in 30000 is the estimate most often given. However, very few (if any) served in the US Military during WW2 or the Vietnam war.

How did women and African Americans participate in the civil war?

Women served as soldiers, nurses, spies, or smugglers during the American Civil War. African Americans served in the military.

How many women served in the Vietnam war?

None, because they were all busy in the kitchen making food for the troops. Women were not allowed to fight in the military until later in time.

Why did women fought in the Vietnam war?

Women in the US, "Volunteered" for the US military and often volunteered for duty in Vietnam. US women in the US Army served in the Women's Army Corps (WAC's) during WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The WAC's were disbanded in 1975, when the new all volunteer army and equal opportunity policies took effect. US Army WAC's performed support functions (medical, administrative, etc.) during WWII, Korea, and the Vietnam War.

What were the women left to do in the north and south during the civil war?

They served as volunteer nurses in military hospitals during the civil war.

How many United states men and women were sent to fight in the Vietnam war?

Women were not part of the equation back then; WWII thru Vietnam was fought by men. Women were WACs & WAVEs (etc.). 2,594,000 US fighting men served in country during the Vietnam war.

Were women in the army during world war 2?

300,000 women served in World War 2 in both the military, the Red Cross, the USO, and in civilian jobs. Most of them were in the military.

How many military men and women died during World War 2?

No women was reported to have served in any army in WW2. However, the military death toll is about 25 Million.

What was a group of nurses called in Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, WWII, etc. all US military women were either WACs, WAVES, or WAFs.

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