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Q: How many mg of Seroquel will put a healthy person in a coma?
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How many calories does a person in a coma need?


Can you get out of a coma?

Yes, many people have recovered from a coma.

How many pages does Coma - novel - have?

Coma - novel - has 306 pages.

How many stairs would someone have to fall down to be sure they are really dead and not stuck in a coma?

It depends on the person.

How many milligrams of seroquel to overdose?


How many nephrons does a person have to have to be healthy?

500 000

Can Seroquel treat movement disorders such as Oromandibular Dystonia?

Seroquel can actually CAUSE this type of dystonia, as is the case with many antipsychotics.

How many pages does Girlfriend in a Coma - novel - have?

Girlfriend in a Coma - novel - has 288 pages.

How many alveoli are there in one person's lungs?

There are 3000 Alveoli in a healthy person's lung

What are the characteristics of a socially healthy person?

There are many characteristics of a socially healthy person. These include being able to relate to a wide range of people, and being friendly and open to conversation.

Ways to be healthy?

There are many ways that a person can be healthy. To be healthy, you should exercise daily, and eat healthy foods. This includes mostly fruits and vegetables.

How many seroquel should an 18 year old take?

As many as your doctor prescribes for you. If it isn't prescribed, none. Seroquel is a medication with many side effects and should only be used if you and your doctor decide there are clear benefits that outweigh the potential risks. -A social worker who works closely with psychiatrists (Seroquel is a psych drug!).