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How many mg of bupropion does it take to get high?

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At LEAST 1200 mg. 2000 mg is perfect though. It is a lot like abusing benadryl.

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Can you combined seroquel and bupropion together?

Yes you can. I take 400 mg seroquel and 300 mg bupropion daily and I feel fine. However, both medications lower the threshold for seizures. When you take them together, this means that the chance that you will have an epileptic seizure will be bigger. Be careful with alcohol.

You have 0.5 mg of Xanax tablets How many should you take to get high?

i take them and for the 0.5 mg i need at least 4 or 5 of them, there really low in mg

What is bupropion hcl 150mg 12hr sa tab used for?

take lamictal 100 mg, tarazadone 50mg, zanax .05 mg (1 or 2 aq day) is it safe to take bupropian hcl 150 mg, to help to stop smoking w/ these meds i take

How many 1 mg of xanax does it take to get really high. without dying?

depending on your body weight and tolerance, 10 -15 mg

How many mg of asacol do you need to take to get high?

0. It's an anti-inflammatory. That's like trying to get high from tylenol.

How many 500 mg tablets of ibuprofen can you take a day?

how many 500 mg ibuprofencan i take a day

What are the possible side affects of overdosing on bupropion?

After 600 mg XL, have a fierce headache, centering on my forehead and radiating outwards.

How many 25 mg xanax should you take to get high?

A 25 mg xanax doesn't exist. They come in .25, .5, 1,2, and 3 mg. 25 mg,s of xanax would put you 6 feet under!

How many 7.5 hydrocodone does it take to get you high?

Take 3 of them so 22.5 mg u will feel f up after 30 minutes

How many mg of Tylenol can a 11 year old child take?

how mamy mg of Tylenol can a child take

Can Watson 749 mess you up?

Even if it is 5 mg if ocycodone. How many does it take to get high. Can u blow them for a better buzz

How many mg of Baclofen gets you high?

Answered it myself. 80 mg worked fine. Took a bit longer than I expected but it worked.Its best to take at least 60mg at once

Can hydroxyzine hcl get you high?

yes take 150-200 mg and you will be HAPPY

what is the name of medication by eon lab coded e415?

If it is a round purple/ pink tablet with a big E and 415 under it then it is bupropion 150 mg.

How many mg of niacin does it take to burn fat cells?

It would take at least 500 mg of slow elease niacen.

How many 10 mg xanax does it take to equal a 2 mg xanax bar?

This question is nonsensical. 10 mg is greater than 2 mg.

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