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  • One if it is a smart mouse.
  • It only takes 2 to screw in a bulb, it's just a matter of getting in there.
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Can mice change their gender?

can mice change gender

Are mice attracted to light?

No mIce are nocturnal meaning they only come out a night when there is little to no light

Anything about bearded dragons?

they need a 40 gal. tank, desert sand, a light, the correct light bulb, they eat crickets, mealworms, and shredded carrots (and mice), very easy to care for, easy to hold.

Change in Lennie in the book Of Mice and Men?

Lennie does not change in Of Mice and Men. It is his inability to change and adapt to the environment around him, that ends in his fatal downfall.

Are mice scared of light?

Yes. They prefer dim light or no light mostly because they are nocturnal. I had mice at one point and they never liked light. I have a rat now and he doesn't like light either! Hope that helped!

Do optical mice have lasers in them?

No optical mice do not have lasers in them, they use LED's (light emmiting diodes).

Do mice like the light or the dark?


How many mice are in the world?

There is no exact number, as mice are numerous around the world. There are many, many, many mice- over one billion.

How many mice are there in England?

Millions of mice.

How do rock pocket mice demonstrate natural selection?

Because of natural selection, most of the light-colored mice live on light rocks, while most dark-colored mice live on dark lava rocks.

If 2 mice birth to 12 mice in month how many in 10 month?

Q: If 2 mice birth to 12 mice in a month how many in 10 months? A: 120 baby mice!

Do mice like light?

No, they can't see properly.

Do mice like dark?

yes! Mice cant see properly in the light and have to use their whiskars to make a visual image of their surroundings which is not clear. Mice are nocturnal and can see easily in the dark they also like infra-red light.

How many chromosomes do mice have?

mice have 40 chromosomes.

Where do mice hide in a house?

behind dark or light stuff.

How many species of mice are there?

125 species of mice and rats

If population of mice increases by 115 percent in two months there were 60 mice to start with how many mice are there now?

175 mice in the world

How many siblings do mice have?

mice have 8-14 siblings in a litter

How many phonemes are there in mice?

There are 2 phonemes in the word mice

How many mice can balance a macaw?

It depends on the size and weight of the mice.

Can you change the bedding when your mice are pregnant?

It is simple, just dont rear rats/mice whatever you call them. Haahaha funny!

How many mice are in a owl pellet each day?

It depends on the size and number of the mice the owl ate as to how many mice there are in an owl pellet each day.

What is the best way to kill mice in car?

Light the car on fire

Can you give your royal python a rat as a change from mice?


How many mice breeds are there?

There are many, including house, field, lab, standard, piny, and Himalayan mice.