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About 50 miles in a straight line, and around 150 miles travelled by car.

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What is the capital city 120 miles north of Amman Syria?

Damascus, the capital city of Syria, is approximately 120 miles north of Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

In which country is beirut located?

Beirut is in Lebanon. It is the famous capital of Lebanon.Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. It is also the largest city in Lebanon with 39 swaure miles of area and between 1-2 million in population size. It is considered to be dangerous city for tourists.

How many miles is it from Beirut to Damascus?

The driving distance from Beirut, Lebanon to Damascus, Syria is about 70 miles.

How many miles from Cyprus to Syria?

There are 284 air miles between Cyprus and Syria.

How many miles between Lebanon TN and Knoxville TN?

Tennessee is blessed with four towns named Lebanon. * For Lebanon in Wilson County it is 152.66 miles. * For Lebanon in Bradley County it is 99.74 miles. * For Lebanon in Hardin County it is 308.10 miles. * For Lebanon in Haywood County it is 340.99 miles.

How many miles between armenia and Lebanon?

661 miles.

How many miles between France and Lebanon?

2600 miles

Which capital city is located 120 miles north of Amman?

Beirut, Lebanon.

What is the distance between Jordan and Syria?

Syria and Jordan share about 210 miles of common border, with no country between, so 0 miles/kilometers...

How many road miles are between Lebanon Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

The driving distance between Lebanon PA and Pittsburgh PA is about 234 road miles.

What is the country in between Syria and Jordan?

Syria and Jordan share about 210 miles of common border, with no country between.

What is the distance between Canada and Lebanon?

5391 miles

What is the distance between Harrisburg and Lebanon?

35 miles

How many miles between Lebanon Ohio and Medina Ohio?

193 miles

How far is it from Lebanon to Israel?

The two countries share a border, along Israel's north / Lebanon's south.Along that line, the distance between them is zero.In terms of getting from Lebanon to Israel, you would need to travel through Syria and Jordan before crossing the Israeli-Jordanian border. This trip is roughly 60 miles or 100 kilometers. There are two things worth noting about this travel.This can only be done from Lebanon to Israel (as opposed to from Israel to Lebanon) since Israel will accept someone with a Lebanese and Syrian passport stamp (unhappily, but they will) whereas Lebanon and Syria explicitly ban Israeli-stamped passports.Syria is currently in a state of civil war, so it is not a smart idea to drive through Syria.

How many miles are between Lebanon Tennessee and Franklin Tennessee?

Traveling by interstate it is approximately 48 miles from Lebanon, TN to Franklin, TN.

How far away is Minnesota from Lebanon Pennsylvania?

It is about 1097 miles between Minneapolis, MN and Lebanon, PA.

How far is Hong Kong from Lebanon?

It is 4,729.02 miles (7,610.63 km) between Hong Kong and Lebanon.

Traveling distance between Syria and Egypt?

The distance between the closest two points of Egypt to Syria is 69,696.9 miles apart.

Distance between Columbus and Lebanon Ohio?

74 miles :)

What nation is north of Jordan and south of turkey?

Syria and Lebanon are both countries, that are north of Jordan and south of Turkey. Syria is the only one that has a border as well with Jordan and Turkey. Syria is about 300 miles (500 kilometers) from north to south. It is about 400 miles (600-620 kilometers) from east to west.

What is the distance from UK to Lebanon?

The distance between London, England and Beirut, Lebanon is 2,147 miles. (3,455 km).

What is the Distance between Boston and Lebanon New Hampshire?

121 miles

How many miles are between the capital of Maine and the capital of California?

It is about 2,661.8 miles between Augusta, Maine and Sacramento, California.

What is Lebanon in square miles?

Lebanon, Asia - 4,035 square miles.

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