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it should be under 18,ooo or any 3 year 12,000 lease .

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Q: How many miles are good for a used car?
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Used car?

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When buying a used car how many miles should be on the car?

Generally, under 100,000 is a good mileage ceiling to stay under.

Is 155195 miles on a used car good or bad?

I would not buy a car with 155195 miles i think it is bad.

How many miles on a used Honda is good?

It depends on how well maintain the car is !! Best thing is to get it checked by a mechanic

Do you know where I can find a good cheap car?

There are many different used car websites that have great cars it just depends what your wanting to spend on the car. I found my car on a used car website and it was really cheap so I imagine you would be able to find one cheap to with not that many miles on it.

How many miles is a car good for?

Most modern cars will run 250,000 miles or more.

How many miles can you put on a car?

usually at least 200,000 if you take good care of the car.

How many miles on a car is too many?

As long as it's running it's good

How many miles can a new car in California have before it is considered a used car?

In the state of California miles on a car do not factor in if it is used or not. California considers a vehicle new until it is reported as sold by the DMV.

What is a good mileage for a used car?

Do the math 12k miles every year ......if the car is a 1999 Honda Civic SI then the average mileage should be 144K miles.......

What is considered a good or bad mileage rate for a user car?

a good mileage rate for an used car is around 12,000 miles per year of age.

Is there a good synthetic oil for a car with well over 200,000 miles?

There is a good oil called max life by valvoline highly recommended. The fact your car is over 200 thousand miles does not matter a good oil should be used even if the car is brand new.