How many miles are there from Jacksonville FL to Great Falls MT?

2,825 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-10 WEST from Jacksonville to I-12 WEST to HAMMOND off EXIT 267B in SLIDELL, LOUISIANA.
  2. Take I-12 WEST back to I-10 WEST in BATON ROUGE.
  3. Continue on I-10 WEST to I-49 NORTH to OPELOUSAS off EXIT 103B in Lafayette.
  4. Take I-49 NORTH to I-20 WEST to DALLAS via LA-3132 WEST to bypass SHREVEPORT. (EXIT 201 off I-49 to get onto LA-3132, follow signs to LA-3132 WEST ; EXIT 1B off LA-3132 to get onto I-20 WEST to DALLAS).
  5. Take I-20 WEST to I-35 NORTH via U.S. 80 WEST (EXIT 499A off I-20 in TEXAS) to get to I-635, and via I-635 NORTH to bypass DALLAS (EXIT 27B off I-635 to get onto I-35E NORTH to DENTON).
  6. Take I-35 NORTH up to I-135 NORTH to SALINA via I-235 NORTH to bypass WICHITA (EXIT 42 off I-35 KANSAS TURNPIKE in KANSAS to get to I-235, follow signs to I-235 ; EXIT 16B off I-235 to get onto I-135 NORTH to SALINA).
  7. Take I-135 NORTH to I-70 WEST to HAYS off EXIT 95B in Salina.
  8. Take I-70 WEST to I-25 NORTH to FT. COLLINS via E-470 (tollway) NORTH to bypass DENVER (EXIT 289 off I-70 in COLORADO to get to E-470 [tollway], follow signs to E-470 [tollway] NORTH to FT. COLLINS ; EXIT 47 off E-470 to get onto I-25, follow signs on the ramp to I-25 NORTH to FT. COLLINS).
  9. Take I-25 NORTH to I-90 WEST to SHERIDAN in WYOMING.
  10. Take I-90 WEST across to I-15 NORTH to HELENA off EXIT 227 in Butte, MONTANA.
  11. Take I-15 NORTH to Great Falls.