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No way to answer this question with any certainty. It depends on so many factors. How the car is driven, serviced, maintained, conditions it is driven under, etc. You should be able to get 100,000 miles with normal maintenance, without having any major repairs. Beyond that it is a crap shoot on this particular car. Transmission is not one of the best, and other parts such as the water pump, fuel pump, master cylinder, may very well need replacing at any time.

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What are medical problems that arise from color blindness?

no problems arise from color blindness

What do complications mean?

problems that arise from a situation.

What population problems arise from rapidly growing cities?

The rise in crime due lack of employment opportunities are some population problems that may arise from rapidly growing cities. Spread of infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS are the other population problems that may arise.

If a partnership is set up and operated without a formal partnership agreement problems such as the following may arise?

Partnerships should always be set up using a contract that is signed by both parties. Many problems may arise without this being done. To know which of the following problems may arise a person will need to know what the following problems are.

What is an example of a sentence using arise?

It can be hard to see the problems that may arise when there are too many things happening at once.

What problems could arise for humans due to the preservation of rainforests?


What problems arise within the specific biome in the rain forest?

What problems arise within the specific biome in the rain forest?Read more: What_problems_arise_within_the_specific_biome_in_the_rain_forest

What is an effective approach to solving problems once they arise?

Conflict resolution

Under what circumstances can problems with the Rh factor arise?

hillsong united

How do cash flow problems arise?

When you are receiving in less than what you are paying out.

What is the purpose of orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery corrects problems that arise in the skeleton and its attachments, the ligaments and tendons. It may also deal with some problems of the nervous system, such as those that arise from injury of the spine.

What problems might arise from a system of government which entrusts all of the powers to govern in a single leader?

The rise of a dictatorship.

How long can hpv lay dormant in your system before symtons arise?

HPV can lay dormant in your system for dozens of years before symptoms arise.

Why do we get stress?

Stress results from problems which we find difficult or impossible to solve; such problems arise because life is tough.

What are problems surrounding Islam?

As with all religions, problems arise from its many different interpretations and peoples opinions of what the religions is about.

What problems may arise if homeostasis is not maintained properly?

The problems that may arise if homeostasis is not maintained properly is getting sick or not able to recover from an injury as quickly. Homeostasis helps to keep the body in its best condition.

What common problems may arise with teams?

Common problems that may arise include overbearing, dominating, or reluctant participants; floundering; a rush to accomplish goals; digression; acceptance of opinions as facts; and feuding members.

What the problems arise at hypermarkets?

too many french love Ellen ;) x

Agency problems are least likely to arise in which organizational form?

sole proprietorship

What problems might arise in a country that has a huge national debt?

Bobo192 is a joke

What problems arise due to rapid population growth?

globalisation, global warming.

What type of health problems arise from groin pain?

There are many serious problems that may arise from groin pain. Increased pain over time in the groin area could signify a STD (sexually transmitted disease).

Night before Christmas where did there arise such a clatter?

On the roof

What is anomaly in DBMS?

Anomalies are problems that arise in the data due to a flaw in the database design.

What problems can arise driving through water?

A car can hydroplane, essentially glide on water