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About 4500 miles for car/truck over 150k

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2009-07-20 21:09:20
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Q: How many miles can an old car go between oil changes when you use synthetic oil?
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How many miles between oil changes for synthetic oil?

Depends on what the manufacture of your vehicle recommends. Can be as little as 3,000 miles to as much as 10,000 miles. Follow the manufactures recommendation.

How many miles between oil changes on a Yamaha vino 50cc scooter?

Use synthetic oil and change it once every year or 5,000 miles whichever comes first.

How many miles between oil changes for a 2006 Kia Spectra?

Change the oil & filter every 5,000 miles if you use conventional oil and every 7,500 if you use synthetic.

How many miles between oil changes in a 2008 Honda CR V?

If you drive normally and use conventional oil I recommend you change oil and filter every 5,000 miles. If you use Synthetic oil the change it every 7,500 miles. Use a quality filter.

How many miles between trans oil changes?

I would recommend at least every 75,000 miles.

After how many miles change Kendall synthetic oil in your car?

5000 miles

How many miles between oil changes in 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse gst?


How many miles before converting to synthetic from conventional?

Dont use synthetic oil in 2.4L DOHC engines. !!!!!

How many mile on synthetic oil before change?

7,500 miles.

How many miles should this car be driven in between oil changes?

You should change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

How many miles are between the earth to the sun?

The distance changes slightly through the year.The average over the course of a year is 93 million miles.

How many miles between oil changes for a Honda nighthawk 750 and what kind of oil?

If you want to keep the engine clean and long life, 3,000 miles for oil changes ( 5,000kms) and 10w40 is good.

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