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Typical range with 150 passengers for the A320-200 is about 2,900 nautical miles (5,400 km)

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Q: How many miles can you fly in an airbus a320?
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How fast Airbus 320 fly?

The A320 flies at about 515 mph.

How Does The Airbus A320 Fly?

The A320 flies using the state of the art FLY-BY-WIRE Technology. The A320 is the pioneer of this technology. Basically you just enter the Speed, Heading, Altitude, and Coordinates in the Flight Computer. And the plane will just fly automatically. The A320 also uses joystick controls along with the Airbus aircraft. (Except the A300)

How fast does a airbus a320 fly?

The A 320's max speed is 537 mph.

What airplane does Jet Blue fly from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco?

Airbus A320

How far can an airbus go?

The A320 Airbus can fly 3,400 mi. (V2525); 3,500 mi. (CFM56) with optional long-range Fuel Tanks

How fast does an Airbus A320 fly?

An Airbus A320 typically flies at a cruising speed of around Mach 0.78, which is approximately 828 km/h (514 mph) or 470 knots. However, the exact speed can vary based on several factors such as the weight of the aircraft, weather conditions, and flight conditions.

How far can a Jetblue Airbus A320 go on 1 tank of gas?

A fully laden A320-200 as operated by JetBlue has a maximum operating range of 3,700 miles (5,900 km). Enough to fly New York (EWR) to Boston (BOS) return 9 times.

How fast can the Airbus A380-800 fly?

The can Airbus A380-800 can fly at the full speed of 630 miles per hour.

Can A319 do long flights?

The standard A319 with wing 'sharklets' can fly about 4,100 miles. This is further than most aircraft of the A320 ' family 'The standard A319 with wing 'sharklets' can fly about 4,100 miles. This is further than most aircraft of the A320 ' family '

What types planes does Jet Blue fly?

Currently, Jet Blue operate the following fleet: Airbus A320-200 (120) Embraer 190 (49) They do have more planes on order- again mainly airbus type aircraft.

Did Ansett fly 737's or A320's from SYD to ADL?

Until July, 1996 only Boeing 737-300s were used on the Sydney-Adelaide route. After this month and until the airline's collapde one Boeing 737-300 and one Airbus A320 were used on the route. During the brief time of Ansett Mark II one Airbus A320 was used on the daily Sydney-Adeliade flight.

How many passengers can fly in an airbus 390?

None: there is no such thing as an Airbus 390.

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