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How many miles can you get out of a 1998 mountaineer?

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February 16, 2006 4:24AM

mine has 100,000 (+/-) and still going strong--except for

needing a new fuel pump Mine is still going strong 128000 miles

after a new radiator and new rear transaxle.good luck We are at

173,860 miles with only a few rattles. No oil burn or leaks. A

transmission oil and filter change may be good if not done yet. Our

only problem now is electrical with the goofy computer flashing

false 4low and 4high along with OD off indicators and no radio

display is present. O yes, we also can only open three of four

doors. The locks are a constant pain!!! My Mountaineer has about

120,000 miles on it. Everything is still running pretty good except

the radio display doesn't work (can be fixed for about $125) and my

power antenna is acting up, won't go up, and can be replaced with

aftermarket parts. Other than that is acts like any other truck

with that mileage on it Same as the previous answer. Did have to

replace the door hinges after 130K miles.

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