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How many miles can you get out of a 4-cylinder motor out of a 1998 626 Mazda?


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I have 182 k on my 1996 4-cylinder Mazda 626

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The 3.0 liter 12v motor is very good. I have a 1998 Windstar with that motor and 235,000 miles and still runs like new.

"Normal average" mileage is 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year. The 1998 model is 11 years old. "Normal average" mileage would be between 110,000 to 132,000.

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On the contrary, they all had a 4cylinder. 2.0 sohc. The escort exp had a 2.0 dohc.

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if it has the ka24de motor in it my 93 240 has the ka24de and it has over 300,000 miles on it and it has no problems at all, so it can have alot on it if it is kept in good shape

No way of knowing. It depends on the maintenance and care it has or has not received.

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