How many miles can you put on a 3.5 v6?

I have 82K on mine so far. Runs fine, but uses about 1qt of oil every 1000 miles or so. No major issues in the 82K. My kid used this car for a while, so it had a mix of city/hwy driving. Had to replace the CKP sensor once, and a few times the car wouldn't start right up, which caused a misfire code. Engine controller "fixed itself" (problem was intermittent) and usually is fine. All the weird quirks I have had with this car - and it sounds like from this and other boards they are common issues - flickering headlights, misbehaving climate control system, temperamental power windows, poor quality trim and paint. I doubt I'll keep it much longer, so I'll venture to guess that it may last another 50K or so before it self-destructs.


3-400K if you do regular oil changes 5- 7000 km intervals

I'm hoping for 400Kmi out of mine before lockup.

The light flicker on mine seems to be a glare point triggering the lights to turn off (thinking it is daylight). It seems many people posting to the web sites are not putting much thought into this issue.

Thanks for the input on the cranking issue.

I have a 2000 olds and I have 186,000.00 mile and still running just now needs a new aldinator in the past a new tranie but that was previous owner but I LOVE the car!!!!