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How many miles from Atlanta Georgia to the Cebu City Philippines?

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Method 1:

Get a string and get a length equal to a straight line direct distance from Atlanta, Georgia to Cebu City in the globe. Then measure the length of the string in centimeters or inches. Look at the scale of the globe. Calculate the distance between the two points.

Method 2:

Using Google map, get the coordinates of Atlanta, Georgia and Cebu City, Philippines. Using some software or refer to cartographers, calculate the distance between the two coordinates.

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Manila to Cebu, CA is about 6,060 air miles. From Manila to Cebu, Philippines is about 305 air miles.

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The flight distance from Singapore to Cebu, Philippines is: 1,512 miles / 2,433 km

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Air distance from London, England, United Kingdom to Cebu, Philippines is 7,035 miles. That is 11,322 kilometers. It is 6,113 nautical miles.

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The air distance from Nashville, Tennessee, to Cebu City, Philippines, is 8,667 miles. That equals 13,948 kilometers or 7,531 sea miles.

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The air distance from Seattle, Washington, to Cebu City, Philippines, is 6,763 miles. That equals 10,884 kilometers or 5,877 nautical miles.

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