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25 miles taking M62 (WEST) - MANCHESTER.


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Yorkshire close to leeds and Manchester Yorkshire close to leeds and Manchester

There are 167.83 miles from Huddersfield to Norfolk in the UK.

Huddersfield is in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England, halfway between Leeds and Manchester. It lies 190 miles north of London, and 10.3 miles south of Bradford, the nearest city.

Huddersfield is in South Yorkshire between Manchester and Leeds.

45 miles taking this route:Take M62 towards MANCHESTER from Huddersfield to M60 RING ROAD (E & S) at JCT 18 in Manchester.Follow signs to M60 RING ROAD (E & S). Take M60 to A34 to CHEADLE and WILMSLOW at JCT 3.Take A34 to Wilmslow.

The distance between Huddersfield, England and Norfolk, Virginia is 3,621 miles. That converts to 5,827 kilometers.

millions of miles were is Brittany

how many miles is it to rochdale to Manchester

Huddersfield is located in England. Specifically, Huddersfield is located in Kirklees, a metropolitan borough, in West Yorkshire. It exists halfway between Manchester and Leeds.

The shortest driving distance is 74.2 miles.

Huddersfield is approximately mid-distance.

No. The nearest branch would be Leeds or Manchester

It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester

200 miles taking this route:Take M5 (NORTH) from Bristol to M6 to THE NORTH WEST to WALSALL and WOLVERHAMPTON.Take M6 to LEEDS, BOLTON, and MANCHESTER (N) at JUNCTION 21A.Take M6 to Huddersfield.

15 miles following M61 MANCHESTER.

It is approximately 177 miles from Luton to Manchester.

There are about 300 miles between Aberdeen and Manchester.

45 miles taking this route:Take A64 LEEDS, from York, to M62 MANCHESTER. Follow signs.Take M62 to Huddersfield.

Manchester, England is about 200 miles from London, England.

Distance from Manchester to Dubai is 5661 kilometers or 3518 miles

The distance from Cairo to Manchester is 2333 miles (3755 km).

The distance from Manchester to Makkah is 3109.9 Miles.

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