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How many miles is between Florida and Virgin Islands?


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From Government Cut Miami, FL (25 deg. 45 min. 7 sec. N - 80 deg. 07 min. 6 sec.W) to San Juan, PR (18 deg. 28 min. 3sec. N - 66 deg. 7 min 5 sec. W) is 797 Nautical miles, from there Saint John's Cruz Bay is 82 Nautical miles, totaling 879 Nautical miles you could probably trim a little by running direct on the inside.


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A straight line from Miami to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is 969 Nautical Miles. That path crosses straight through the Bahamas, so it is a little bit further than that by boat. 988 Nautical miles from West Palm Beach, Florida to Tortola, BVI.

The British Virgin Islands' area is 59.07 square miles.

The air distance from Bridgetown, Barbados, to Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, is 495 miles. That equals 797 kilometers or 430 nautical miles.

966 miles. Here's a link: http://www.distancefromto.net/distance-from/Bermuda/to/Virgin+Islands+U+S

The air distance from Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, to Albany, New York, is 1,755 miles. That equals 2,823 kilometers or 1,525 nautical miles.

The US Virgin Islands are 133.73 square miles.

The size of the U.S. Virgin Islands is 133.73 square miles. That equals 346.36 square kilometers.

3,700 miles from Cape Verde islands to Florida

There are 2,211 miles between the US Virgin Islands and Dallas, TX. The length of the flight can vary from just over six hours to almost an entire day depending on the number of stops.

It is 1102 miles between Charlotte Amalie in the U.S. Virgin Islands to Miami, Fl. The average flight time between them is 2 hours, 42 minutes.

There is approximately 4,183 miles between London, United Kingdom and the Virgin Islands. A flight would take about 9 hours to complete.

The US Virgin Islands are 40 miles east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

The US Virgin Islands have an area of approx 134 square (not sqare) miles.

A total of 528 miles [850 kilometers; 459 nautical miles] separates Aruba's capital city at Oranjestad from Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Saint John has no airports. There's an hourly ferry service from Saint Thomas, which is 4 miles west of Saint John. Saint John is 4 miles southwest of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. There's daily ferry service between Saint John and Tortola.

The air distance from Atlanta, Georgia, to Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands, is 1,604 miles. That equals 2,581 kilometers or 1,393 nautical miles.

The air distance from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands, is 1,686 miles. That equals 2,713 kilometers or 1,465 nautical miles.

4 miles 6 feet and 3.2 inor 103,788,109, 256, 963,342 meters

The air distance from Toronto, Canada, to Tortola, British Virgin Islands, is 1,940 miles. That equals 3,122 kilometers. That equals 1,686 nautical miles.

The distance from Saint Martin to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is 123 miles. That equals 198 kilometers or 107 nautical miles.

500 miles between Florida Georgia?

San Francisco, CA to Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands is about 3,690 miles apart.

The air distance from Washington, D.C., to Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, is 1,635 miles. That equals 2,631 kilometers or 1,421 nautical miles.

The islands off the coast of southern Florida are the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Cuba. Cuba is about 485 miles south of Florida.

Air miles from Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands to Honolulu, Hawaii total 5,953. That is 9,580 kilometers. That is 5,173 nautical miles.

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