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About 570 miles

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Is Bermuda an island in the Caribbean Sea?

No - it is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred miles off the coast of North Carolina.

How many miles by boat from North Carolina to Bermuda?

Between 650 and 700 miles.

How many islands around Bermuda?

There are no islands in the proximity of Bermuda, other than the islands of Bermuda. The closest landmass is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Hatteras Island, also known as Croatan Island, is doubtless the closest island to Bermuda worth mentioning, but it is 640 miles away, so can hardly be described as "around Bermuda".

What is Bermuda?

Bermuda is an of island in the Atlantic Ocean, it lies about 570 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It is about 21 square miles. It is a beautiful island and a popular tourist attraction. The sand of the beaches are pink. The people are friendly and very hospitable. It's a perfect travel destination.

Where is Bermuda?

Bermuda is in the middle of the northern Atlantic Ocean about 700 miles EAST of North Carolina. It is not in the Caribbean although many sources place it there.

How far Bermuda from SC coast?

Roughly 700 miles. North Carolina reaches a little nearer, with Cape Hatteras being the closest land to Bermuda at 640 miles.

Which state is closest to Bermuda?

North Carolina. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina is 568 miles West of Bermuda but there's no direct flight between the two. It's a two hour plane ride from Bermuda to New York's JFK or Boston and if there's a tailwind, the trip can be an hour.

Is Bermuda a Caribbean country?

No. Bermuda is not a country, it is a colony, and is about 1000 miles North of the Caribbean Sea. By comparison, it is 768 miles from Cape Sable Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

What state is Bermuda in?

Bermuda is not part of the United States, and is not in any state. It is an overseas territory of Great Britain, and is about 640 miles East of North Carolina, in the Atlantic Ocean.

How many miles is it between Topsail Island North Carolina and Conway South Carolina?

It is 121 miles according to Google Maps.

Distance from South Carolina and Bermuda?

900 miles

How many miles from Providence Rhode Island to North Carolina?

how many hours to drive

How many miles is it from Fuquay Varina North Carolina to Cary North Carolina?

What is the distance in miles from Fuquay Varina North Carolina to Cary North Carolina

What is the distance between Portugal and Bermuda?

The distance between Lisbon, Portugal and Hamilton, Bermuda is 3,123 miles [5,026 kilometers; 2,714 nautical miles].Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States of America. Bermuda is about 640 miles [1,030 kilometers] west northwest of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It's about 1,100 miles [1,770 kilometers] northeast of Miami. Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda.

How many miles from asheville North Carolina to statesville North Carolina?

How many miles is it from Statesville, Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina?

Is Bermuda in Aruba?

No ! it is the Atlantic 600 miles off the Carolina coast

What is the distance in miles from Durham North Carolina to Wilmington North Carolina?

About 157 miles.

How many miles is it from Wilmington North Carolina to Greensboro North Carolina?

209.98 miles

How many miles is it from cherokee North Carolina to asheville North Carolina?

52 miles

How many miles is it from from fayetteville North Carolina to wilmington North Carolina?

92 miles

How many miles is the island of Bermuda?

22 miles long and 3 miles wide

Is Bermuda on the coast?

Bermuda is an island about 640 miles off the American coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

How many miles from salisbury North Carolina to asheville North Carolina?

171.6 miles 171.6 miles 171.6 miles

What is the closet state to the Bermunda Island?

North Carolina, it is roughly around 650 miles from there to Bermudas.

How many miles are between Jacksonville North Carolina to Charlotte North Carolina?

252.23 miles