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How many miles is the life of a motorcycle?

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Much like cars, this all depends on how it is treated. If you perform the maintenance when it is needed they can last for many years. My brother has an 80's model bike that I know he has gone past 400K miles, but he is religious with the maintenance plan and takes great care of it. ----------------------------------- Some types of motorcycles simply last longer. I have helped a man restore a 72 Harley for the bike's third full restoration with only 50,000 miles on it. I have seen many BMW and Honda touring bikes well into 6 figures of mileage. If you don't maintain it, don't expect this to happen.

2009-07-02 22:05:38
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What is 3000km in miles on a motorcycle?

in my motorcycle maintance book it says to change the oil every 3000km.. how many miles is that

How many miles per gallon does a motorcycle get?

forty five

How many motorcycle in Karachi?

How many motorcycle in Karachi.

Is 9100 miles high for a 2003 Harley motorcycle?


What is the average motorcycle miles per year?

for me, about 6000.

Considering buying a 1998 Suzuki Intruder 800 with 45000 miles on it is this high miles for this year and how many miles does a motorcycle run?

45,000 miles is considered very high for a motorcycle. I would only consider buying if the price was well under $1,000. I would say a typical motorcycle owners will ride about 2,000mi each year. A motorcycle enthusiast may ride 5,000 each year. A daily commuter may do beyond 10,000 miles each year. Assuming the bike you're interested was used for daily commuting, even with meticulous maintenance, a lot can happen over the course of 45,000 miles.

How many O's are in the word 'Motorcycle'?

There are two o's in the word motorcycle.

How fast do Ferrari motorcycle go?

The ferrari motorcycle is said to have a top speed of 160 miles per hour.

What is the fastest motorcycle ?

The fastest motorcycle is Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300 . The speed si about 185 miles per hour

Do you need life insurance for motorcycle rider in Texas?

Do you need life insurance for motorcycle rider in Texas? As a life insurance agent, I am not aware of any State law that requires you to have "life insurance" for a motorcycle rider. Is life insurance a good idea for a rider?? Oh yeah, most definitely!

Fine for riding more than 50 miles on a motorcycle?

I know of people that ride cross country with their motorcycle. You will not obtain a fine if you drive for more than 50 miles

Can you rent a motorcycle at JFK?

There is no place to rent a motorcycle at JFK Airport in New York, New York, but there is a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rental place within a few miles of JFK Airport. A person would have to take a taxi about 10 miles to get there.

How many tires does a motorcycle have?

There are two tires on a motorcycle.

Is 14600 considered low mileage for a 1984 motorcycle?

14,600 miles in 26 years is very low mileage for a motorcycle.

What was the longest wheelie on a motorcycle?

207 miles, from LA to Phoenix

How many miles has Magellan travel during his life?

42,000 thousand miles

How many miles driving a motorcycle to Chicago from Detroit?

Approximately 284 miles, depending on exact start and stop locations. The same as if driving a car or truck or bus or van.

How much does a Honda motorcycle cost?

The cost of a Honda Motorcycle can vary, mostly depending on the year, model, number of miles, and general condition of the bike. Also, time of year makes a difference in many areas. A better time to buy a motorcycle may be in the fall because many people don't drive them in the winter months.

How many miles per gallon does a Honda CBR 600RR get?

The stated Honda CBR 600 motorcycle miles per gallon is 41. The actual miles per gallon is dependent upon the driver and the driving conditions.

How many miles can you get with a quarter tank of gas in a 11.9 US gallon tank?

a quarter tank is about 3 gallons 3 gallons will move my truck about 15 miles and my daughter's tinny car about 90 miles and my grandson's motorcycle about 300 miles.

Is six thousand miles on a motorcycle?

It's a long road trip.

Did James Dean have a car in his teenage life?

No, but he did have a motorcycle.

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How fast does a Honda xr650l go?

The Honda XR650 motorcycle has a top speed of 110 miles per hour. The motorcycle can be easily modified to obtain speeds higher than 110 miles per hour.

Is 85912 too many miles on a 2008 chrysler pacifica?

No, 200,000 miles is average life