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How many miles is there between Leeds and Manchester?

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about 42 miles

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Yorkshire close to leeds and Manchester Yorkshire close to leeds and Manchester

there are 65 miles from Nottingham to leeds

32 miles taking M62 (W) towards MANCHESTER.

36 straight line miles, or the shortest driving distance is 41.8 miles.

95 miles taking M62 LEEDS (via A63 from Hull).

160 miles taking this route:Take A55, from Holyhead, to M56 MANCHESTER. Follow signs.Take M56 across to M6(N) to LEEDS and MANCHESTER (N) (via M62) at J9.Take M6 to M62 to LEEDS and MANCHESTER (N) at J21A.Take M62 across to LEEDS, via M60 RING ROAD (N) around Manchester.

There are about 300 miles between Aberdeen and Manchester.

100 miles taking this route:Take A1 to The SOUTH, from Newcastle, to M1 to LEEDS.Take M1 to Leeds.

There are about 9098.538 miles between Manchester and Perth.

how many miles is from london to leeds

The distance between Manchester and Berlin is 652 miles (1,049km)

There are 4423.909 miles between Manchester, England and Cayo Coco, Cuba.

not a 100% sure but reacently leeds beat Manchester 1-0 !

The distance between Sydney and Manchester is 10563 miles (17000 km).

Leeds to Aberdeen = 351.4 miles

The distance to Paris from Manchester, England is about 606 air miles.

Between Honolulu, Hawaii, United States and Leeds, England, United Kingdom, as the crow flies: 7069 miles (11376 km) (6143 nautical miles)

95 miles taking this route:Take A64 LEEDS, from York, to M62 MANCHESTER. Follow signs.Take M62 to Liverpool, via M60 RING ROAD (N) around Manchester.

The driving distance from Alicante to Manchester is 1,471 road miles.

how many miles is it to rochdale to Manchester

From Leeds to Gloucester it's 137 miles or 220.43 Kilometers

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