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More than 3 million miles of dental floss are bought each year in North America - an average of 18 yards per person.

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Q: How many miles of dental floss are bought each year in North America?
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Does floss stretch?

No dental floss does not stretch.

How do you say Dental floss in portuguese?

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Does dental floss expire?


Why must you dental floss?

You must dental floss because if you don't plaque will grow off the food in your mouth.

Where can you buy refill dental floss for your Glide dental floss tool that has a long handle with prongs at the top?

You can buy refill dental floss for your Glide dental floss tool at most grocery stores. If it has handles and prongs at the top, this is where the refill goes. You can also check big box stores.

Is dental floss biodegradable?

Most dental floss brands are not biodegradable nor do they come in biodegradeable packaging. Ceraplast is a company that makes biodegradable and compostable floss pick.

What is dental floss?

Dental floss is a string kind of thing (hard to explain) which you put in between your teeth and go up and down, as a result any plaque between the teeth will be removed.WARNING:Do not swallow the dental floss.

Does dental floss have fluorine in it?

yes, you can.

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What is a floss holder?

Floss holder and dental floss sticks come in either a "knife" shape or a "Y"shape.

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Is there a alternative to dental floss?

use waterpik

How do you floss your teeth?

You pull a thread between your teeth. Floss is a term for a thread used in embroidery - now used for dental floss.

What is glide floss?

Glide floss, now called Crest Glide floss, is a dental floss made of ePTFE ( Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene); it is used for cleaning between teeth.

Is it true that dental floss should be used monthly?

It is recommended that dental floss be used at least daily to prevent tooth decay and gum disease between the teeth.

What was the year dental floss was first manufactured?

Dental floss is an ancient invention. Researchers have found dental floss and toothpick grooves in the teeth of prehistoric humans. Levi Spear Parmly (1790-1859), a New Orleans dentist is credited as being the inventor of modern dental floss (or maybe the term re-inventor would be more accurate). Parmly promoted flossing with a piece of silk thread in 1815.

Why was dental floss invented?

dental floss has been invented for healthy oral purpose..It is used to get rid of debri or collective food that are trapped between teeth and cannot be released by toothbrush on i t's own..So go get yourself a floss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you prevent dental floss from breaking?

Try using a different brand of floss, it's never been a problem for me.

Where can I Find dental floss material in hyderabad?

Health & Glow stores the cost of 50 floss @Rs.89.

What does the word floss mean?

Dental term- you use floss between your teeth daily as part of your regular hygiene.

What is the smooth silky thread used to clean teeth?

It's called dental floss. Using floss, you can remove food and plaque between the teeth.

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3 cents