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The driving distance from Riverside, California to Phoenix, Arizona is 320 miles via I-10 East per MapQuest. The driving time per MapQuest is 4 hours and 57 minutes.

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Q: How many miles would you travel to get from riverside California to Arizona?
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How many miles to travel from Nashville TN to Riverside California?

about 2050 miles

How far is Arvin California from the Arizona border?

if you were to travel to Alvin California from the Arizona border it would be 370 miles.

How long does it take from Indianpolis to get to Riverside California?

* About 2,044 miles if the Riverside is in Riverside County. * About 2,175 miles if the Riverside is in Sacramento County and * about 2,242 miles if the Riverside you want is in Stanislaus County.

What is the distance between riverside California and highland California?

Riverside County, California is 33.2 miles (53.5 kilometers) from Highland.

How far is it from Riverside CA to Orlando FL?

California claims three cities named Riverside: * Riverside in Riverside County is 1,717 miles. * Riverside in Sacramento County is 2,048 miles. * Riverside in Stanislaus County is 1,966 miles.

What is the distance from Phoenix Arizona to Riverside CA?

322 miles

How many kilometers is Riverside California in area?

Riverside California has an Area of 203 square kilometers. In miles, the area is 78 square miles. Riverside has a total population of over 310,000 people.

What is the distance between the Ontario Airport and Riverside California?

Distance from Toronto to Riverside is 3440 kilometers or 2138 miles. The distance between Ontario Airport in California and Riverside, CA is approximately 20 miles.

How many miles is it from Riverside California to Salinas California?

It is 360 miles according to Google Maps.

How many Miles from mishawaka Indiana to riverside California?

2069 miles

How many miles from Rahway New Jersey to riverside California?

The air distance from Rahway, New Jersey, to Riverside, California, is 2,395 miles. That equals 3,855 kilometers or 2,082 nautical miles.

How many miles is tucson Arizona from Sacramento California?

how many miles from tucson Arizona from sacramanto California

How far is the Arizona border from Riverside?

About three hours, a distance of about 180 miles.

What is the distance between LAX and riverside California?

The driving distance from LAX to Riverside, CA is 67 miles.

How far is Fontana California from Riverside California?

It is 19.7 miles according to Google Maps.

How many miles from Oklahoma City to Riverside California?

It is 1,297.59 miles accordng to MapQuest.

How many miles is Denver Colorado from Riverside California?

It is 986.50 miles according to MapQuest.

How far away is Riverside CA from the border of Mexico?

Riverside California is about 110 miles away from the Mexican boarder. In travel time that equates to just under two hours. This however is the most direct route.

How many miles are between riverside California and temecula California?

The answer is 43 miles and can easily be obtained from Mapquest. See Link.

What is the driving distance from riverside California to Long Beach?

About 60 miles.

How many miles are between Riverside CA and Houston TX?

The air distance from Riverside, California, to Houston, Texas, is 1,324 miles. That equals 2,130 kilometers or 1,150 nautical miles.

What is the distance between Riverside California and Palm Springs California?

It is 56.2 miles according to Google Maps.

What is the driving distance from Sacramento to Riverside California?

440 miles on the I-5 South.

How many miles between riverside California and san Diego?

97 miles via I-215 and I-15.

When did Miles Middough die?

Miles Middough died on August 15, 2009, in Riverside, California, USA.