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  1. i believe 10 meqs of potassium is equal to 390 mg's of potassium, therefore, one meq, is equal to 39 mg's potassium
  2. Not sure where you get your answer but according to 10meg is equal to 750 mg of potassium
  3. 20mEq of potassium chloride is 781.960 mg of elemental potassium [K], and 709.060 mg of elemental chlorine [Cl] (which is 1491.0 mg of potassium chloride [KCl]). Here's how to figure it:


mg = (mEq • atomic, molecular or formula weight) / valence

Atomic weight of potassium [K] is 39.0983

Atomic weight of chlorine [Cl] is 35.453

The molecular weight of potassium chloride [KCl] is sum of the atomic weights above: 74.551 (rounded)

The valence of potassium chloride is 1


(20mEq potassium chloride • 74.551) / 1 = 1491.0 mg potassium chloride

Which breaks down to 781.960 mg of elemental potassium [K], and 709.060 mg of elemental chlorine [Cl].


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10 milliequivalents of potassium equal how many milligrams?

750 mg potassium chloride is equivalent to 10 mEq

How many grams in 20 mEq of Potassium?

20 meq of potassium is equal to 1.5 gms of potassium chloride.

How many milligrams are in 8 meq of potassium?

600 mg

1 mEq Potassium chloride equals how many mg Potassium?


How many milligrams is in 20 meq of Potassium CL equal?

ANSWER: 1500 mg.

How many milligrams is 40 meq of potassium citrate?

The mass is 4 320 mg.

How many mEq per hr will the patient receive if the patient has 40 mEq potassium chloride hanging in 1000ml of sodium chloride if it is to run over 24 hr?

1.67mEq Potassium per hour

How many mEq of sodium chloride is 1g sodium chloride?

17,11 mEq.

How many meq in 1mmol of sodium chloride?

0,058 mEq

How many meq in one gram chloride?

0,028 mEq

How many meq of sodium chloride in 1 gram of sodium chloride?

This is equal to 17,24 meq.

1 meq potassium equals how many mg potassium?

390 mg is 10 meq if dealing with 'elemental' Potassium 2350 mg is 10 meq if dealing with Potassium Gluconate

How many milligrams is 20 mEq?

20mg=20mEq_________________This dangerously wrong. Check MEQ is about 1500 mg._________________Numerical answers to this question are all nonsense. A number would depend on the element, molecule or formula in question, and none was specified. The correct answer to this question (as posed) is:mg = (mEq • atomic, molecular or formula weight) / valenceThe first answer above is correct for hydrogen; the second is about right for potassium chloride. For a more detailed answer for potassium chloride, see the related question.

How many mg of potassium chloride in a 20 mEq tablet?

780 mg 1491.0 mg of potassium chloride (which contains 781.960 mg of elemental potassium)Read more: How_many_milligrams_is_20_meq_of_potassium_chloride

Does 10 Meq equal 750 mg?

Klor-Con® M10 is an immediately dispersing extended-release oral dosage form of potassium chloride containing 750 mg of microencapsulated potassium chloride, USP equivalent to 10 mEq of potassium in a tablet.

How many meq of potassium are in120mmols of potassium phosphate?


How many milligrams is 9.4 meq?

Milli-equivalent refer to a specific substance and must be calculated..It is not a direct relation between milligrams and meq.

30 mEq potassium euals how many mg potassium?


10 mEq equals how many milligrams?

1o miligrams

How many mg of potassium in 40 meq of kcl?

There are 15,600 mg. of KCl in 40 Meq.

How many mEq of potassium in one banana?


99mg potassium equals how many meq?

The answer is 2.53 mEq.Here is my work:99mg Potassium x (1mmol/39.0983mg potassium) x (1mEq/1mmol) = 2.53 mEq* The 39.0983 comes from the atomic mass of Potassium which means that 39.0983 grams = 1 mol (which also means 39.0983 milligrams = 1 millimol (mmol). 1 mmol of potassium = 1 milliequivalent (mEq) because milliequivalents are just the number of mmols of charges (positive/negative), and since potassium has 1 positive charge 1 mmol = 1 mEq.This is the over-the-counter dose. Most prescriptions are for 20mEq doses but usually range from 8mEq to 40mEq.

Is 20 mEq the same as 99 mg of potassium chloride?

No. You'd need about 4 tablets of 99 mg KCl to equal 10 mEq of prescription-strength KCl, 8 tablets to equal 20 mEq.

Potassium 595mg equals how many potassium meq?

how many meq's is 595 mg of potassium gluconate in pill form? _____________ You seem to be asking how translate a dose of potassium chloride, which is often expressed as mEq's when prescribed as a drug, into an equivalent dose of potassium in supplemental potassium gluconate, which is generally expressed in mg. 595 mg of potassium gluconate contains about 99mg of elemental potassium. 189 mg of potassium chloride also contains about 99mg of elemental potassium. 189 mg of potassium chloride is about 2.54 mEq That said, the potassium in potassium gluconate is more easily absorbed by the body than is the potassium in potassium chloride, so seeking the equivalent elemental potassium dosage may not be what you want as it may produce different effects in the body. For example, my mother had been prescribed 20mEq of potassium chloride by her doctor, which contains 781.960 mg of elemental potassium. The large pills were hard for her to swallow. Instead i gave her about 1/4 teaspoon of powered potassium gluconate mixed in a glass of water, which contained only about 135 mg elemental potassium, about the same contained in 3.5 mEq of potassium chloride. That was less than a fifth the amount prescribed by her doctor, yet her potassium levels in her blood tests were just fine.

How many mg in 10 meq potassium cl?

how many mg in 20 meg potassium

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