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How many minets apart do kittens get born?

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How many minets in 2 hours and 45 minets?


How many minets in a year?


How many minets in one hour?


How many hours are in 146 minets?

2hrs 26min

How many minets in 1 half hours?


How many kittens are born in a litter?

4-7 kittens are born in a litter (usually)/results may vary

How many puppies and kittens are born daily in US?

An estimated 70000 puppies and kittens are born each day in the United States.

How many minets are in 1 day?

There are 1,440 minutes in 1 day

How many minets in 4 hours?

There are 240 minutes in 4 hours.

Are kittens endangered?

Quite the opposite. Too many are born.

How many kittens are born every day?

Less than how many die.

How many kittens are born the same time?

usually 6 or 7 are born at a time

How many kittens are born in first litters?

about 2 -3 in average

How many kittens can be in a litter?

In the average cat litter, there are three to eight kittens born. However, some breeds may bear more kittens, while others bear less.

How do you know how many kittens a cat is going to have?

you wait until there born and find out.

How many kittens do Bengals have?

Bengal Tigers usually have two kittens at a time. They can have as many as three kittens and is for you as one.

How many kittens can be born at once and how long are cats pregnant for?

The length of Prenancy in a Cat is aprx. 64-69 Day's. Most kittens are born in the Summer, and very few are born in the fall and winter months. Litters can AVERAGE from 2-5 or a MAXIMUM RANGE between 2-8. my brother's farm cat had 10 kittens cats are usually pregnant for approx. 63 days, as far as how many kittens they can have.. It depends on the cat.. I once cared for a cat that had 12 kittens.. However the average litter is usually five or six kittens..

How many minets are there in 12 rounds of boxing matches?

five well not really i just wanted to answer it.

How many shots do cat need a year?

As kittens, cats get 3 shots spaced 6 weeks apart. A rabies shot is separate.

How many kittens can a leopard have?

about 1 to 6 kittens.

How long will your cat be in labor?

It depends on how many kittens are in the litter I think. I think they have to be spaced apart and if there are a lot of kittens it could take up to about 36 hours. But if there's just the "average" amount of kittens it should probably only take about 12 hours. I'm pretty sure that is right.

How do you know how many kittens cat is going to have in a litter?

You can not find out until they are born and you count them ;)

How many kittens can be in a persiantabby litter?

Breeds have nothing to do with how many kittens can be born. The typical number for any litter is usually averaged around 4-7. It depends on how many times the female mates when she is in heat.

How many kittens were on the Titanic?

I do not know how many kittens were on the titanic though i do know there were a large number of dogs on the titanic and its said there was a canary but i dont know how many kittens were on the titanic.

How many kittens in an average litter?

There are 3 to 8 kittens in a litter.