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I think it is 4 minutes after delivery but the safe limit is 2 minutes.

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Q: How many minutes can a baby not breathe upon delivery and what is the safe limit?
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How does a baby breath when the water breaks?

The baby wont begin to breathe as such, until it is born. it will still receive oxygenated blood from its mother via the umbilical cord. this is enough until it is stimulated to breathe after delivery.

What is cesarian delivery and normal delivery?

cesarian delivery is when the doctors or nurse cuts your tummy to get the baby out while normal delivery the baby come out of the women's vagina.

Why does a doctor spanks after delivery?

The doctor spanks the baby to make it cry, so that it will take air into its lungs and start to breathe. Many doctors now don't spank. Most babies start to cry and breathe the moment they are born.

Who performs a baby delivery?

delivery doctors and nurses

How much time between breaking of water and delivery of baby?

It varies from person to person. It can be from a few minutes to 48 hours or more.

Where can someone view family friendly baby delivery videos?

Baby delivery is an amazing miracle to be seen, however it's not always that enjoyable to watch due to the nudity and because of the extreme visuals. For family friendly baby delivery videos, it would be suggested to watch an animated version of baby delivery on YouTube.

Do Babies breath inside their mothers stomach?

i dont know. when they did my ultrasound, i saw the babys tummy inflate and diflate============================== Babies in the uterus (womb) don't breathe as we know it as they are enclosed in a sac of fluid. Their lungs "breathe" in this fluid and then "breathe" it out. They also swallow and excrete this fluid (amniotic fluid). You can see this on an ultrasound scan. When the baby passes through the birth canal (vagina) at delivery, the fluid is "squeezed" out and when the baby is born, they take a breath of air and normal breathing takes place. Sometimes the baby needs to have some left over fluid cleared from their nose and mouth after a normal (vaginal) delivery. They will always have their nose and mouth cleared by suction after a C Section as they don't have it squeezed out during delivery. Hope this helps.

When does mastitis develop after delivery of a baby?

Mastitis usually begins more than two to four weeks after delivery of the baby.

What is cesarean delivery and normal delivery?

Normal delivery is birth of the baby emerging through the vagina into the outside world, as nature intended. Caesarean delivery is delivery of the baby by a surgical incision into the abdomen, then the womb, to extract the baby directly from the womb. It is so-called because it was supposedly the way Julius Caesar came into this world.

Can babies breathe under water?

That depends on what kind of baby you are talking about. Baby fish can certainly breathe under water. Baby mammals cant breathe under water.well it depends that's what i learned din my class of fcs.:) or else

What are the organs that baby reptiles breathe with?

Baby reptiles breathe air through their nostrils and their mouths into their lungs, just like adult reptiles.

When a baby is delivered head first this is called what?

Head first is a normal vaginal delivery. In a breech delivery, where the feet and bottom of the baby emerge first, usually a Caesarian section delivery is performed.

Can a platypus breathe when it is hatched?

Yes. When first hatched, a baby platypus can breathe on its own.

Does the womb come out with the baby on delivery?

no. the placenta is delivered after the baby comes out.

What can happen if baby is stuck during delivery?

it can cause the death of baby.

What is mothers blood needed for the baby at birth?

it helps for the baby to breathe and move

How do you know how to breathe?

you learn when you're a baby

What is a baby delivery nurse called?


How many days does a baby stay the womb before delivery?

A baby usually stays in the womb before delivery between 1080 days and 1260 days.

Can baby bull sharks swim?

All sharks can swim regardless of age. Once a shark is born, it must swim in order to breathe. Interesting fact, sharks only sleep for a few minutes at a time because they have to wake up and swim around to breathe again.

Does a vertex delivery mean a vaginal delivery?

The word "vertex" tells you which part of the baby's head came out first. It implies a vaginal delivery.

Does a baby breathe through the umbilical cord?

In a sense, yes, the baby does "breathe" through the umbilical cord. The mother does the breathing for the baby and the umbilical cord carries in fresh, oxygenated blood with nutrition in it. The mother eats and breathes for the baby as well as herself.

In which episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter did his daughter have a baby?

baby lyssa had her baby in 2010 the episode is called baby delivery it is on youtube

Is the delivery of a baby a positive feedback?

the delivery of a baby is positive feedback if you have done it well. This is because people will tell you how you have done and they will tell you the positive and negative things about the process.

Why are you short of breath during pregnancy?

1) you're not only breathing for yourself, you're breathing for the baby too. 2) eventually the growing baby will begin to limit the volume available to the lungs, which means you'll have to breathe more frequently to get the same amount of ocygen.