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as long as Allah wants

Taking the average age in developed countries as being around 65 years, it's 65 x 365 x 24 x 60.

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Can a human live on Mars and if so for how long?

Without a spacesuit, airtight building or other breathing apparatus, a human could live for about 3 minutes on Mars. With the right equipment, a human can live indefinitely on Mars.

How many minutes do you have to live if a cobra bites you?

10 minutes

How long can the human heart live without oxygen?

about 2 to 5 minutes

How long can the average human live underwater?

3 minutes then get unconscious and then suffocate

How many seconds are there in the average human lifespan?

Average humans live for 67 yrs, or 24,455 days. Which is 35,215,200 minutes, or 211,291,200 seconds!

Brain Cell with no oxygen for 18 minutes?

Actually, no human being can go without oxygen for 4 minutes and be expected to live

How long do diseases of cells in a human body live for?

It varies ... from a few minutes to the rest of your life.

How many minutes did Albert Einstein live?


How many minutes does a human sleep per day?

It depends on the person

How many minutes can fish live without water?


How many times do human beings blink eyes in 1 minutes?


How many minutes is Saturday Night Live?

Saturday Night Live lasts 90 minutes, from 11:35 pm to 1:05 am EST.

Does human have Prokaryotics?

Human donot have prokaryotic cells.But many prokariyotes live in body

How long can a human live without a heart?

You can only live without a heart for 2 minutes because that's how long the brain can work without oxygen.

How long can chlamydia live outside your body?

Chlamydia can live for 15 minutes at 45 degrees F, and for 1 minutes at 80 degrees F. It has specific requirements to survive which include human tissue and a temperature of 98.6 degrees.

How many years is the human body capable of living?

the human body can live for asfagoewhofgihwe0hf gallons.

How many minutes is a dog hour?

The rate of aging depends strongly on the breed of dog. Even if the average for all breeds is estimated, the rate decreases after the first two years. There is no way to calculate an accurate answer to your question without more information about the specific dog. If you don't care about using the mythical rate of "7 dog years per human year", then ANY duration in dog time is 7 times the human duration: (dog minutes) = (human minutes) * 7 Since a dog hour is 60 dog minutes: (60) = (human minutes) * 7 (human minutes) = 60 / 7 = 8.57143 human minutes = 8 minutes, 34.286 seconds in human time Again, this uses the mythical, fictional rate of "7 dog years per human year".

How many days can a human live without water?


How many live cells in the human body?

billion of cells

How many people can live on Mercury?

No one can live on Mercury. The planet will not support human life.

Can a human live to be 65 years old?

yes, many humans live to be past that age.

Can a human live on uranus?

can a human live on uranus

How many minutes or hours will the heart live if the body is dead?

6 hours.

How long can a human hold his breath?

A normal human could hold his breath for 5 minutes one time a human hold his breath for 7 minutes.

What is the duration of Ten Minutes to Live?

The duration of Ten Minutes to Live is 3480.0 seconds.

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