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How many minutes of playtime are there in a basketball game?


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Four quarters of 12 minutes each in professional basketball for 48 minutes College is 10 minute quarters for 40 minutes.


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There are 40 minutes in college basketball game

In the NBA, there are four 12-minute quarters. NCAA basketball plays two 20-minute halves. In high school and lower levels, there are typically four 8-minute quarters.

Minutes played (how many minutes the player was in the game).

10 mins per quarter in an OLYMPIC basketball game

20 minutes per half. 40 minutes per regulation game.

There are 48 minutes in a standard NBA game. There are 4 quarters, each with 12 minutes. If there is an overtime, an extra 5 minutes is played.

A varsity game will have four, eight-minute quarters for a total of 32 minutes.

usually 4 quartes of 8 minutes. so 32 minutes

There are 12 minutes per quarter in the NBA.

There are two periods played in a whole game of college basketball. Both periods are 20 minutes long. But with timeouts and fouls called during the game, the game goes on longer.

There are four quarters in a regulation basketball game ranging from 8 to 12 minutes depending on the age group.

in each quarter 8 minutes that equals to 32 minutes total

40 minutes in regulation, divided into 2, 20 minute halves.

There are 20 minute halves in College Basketball.

The Championship consists of four quarters, 10 minutes each.

I played basketball in the 8th grade at my school and we played 9 minutes for each quarter. So basically in a full game we played for 36 minutes total. :) hope this was helpful

There are 5 fouls in 1 minute of a basketball game so if a match lasts 5 minutes then there our 25 fouls in abasketball game

There are 4 quarters each quater is 10 minutes

well, if your question made any sense at first, I would indeed think that you may possibly be asking "How many minutes are in the first quarter of Basketball". But if you knew anything about basketball, which you dont, or anything about grammar, which you dont, you will be happy to know that each quarter in a game of Basketball is 12 minutes.

In the NBA a game is 48 minutes long (4 quarters of 12 minutes) In Europe teams play 40 minutes (4 quarters of 10 minutes)

Basketball game.... not match. and it depends on the league. College is 2 quarters of 20 minutes each so 40 minutes. and highschool and lower is usually 4 quartrs of 8 minutes each so 32 minutes.

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