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The mililiter is a measurement of volume, and the gram is a measurement of weight. To figure this out one must know the specific mass of the substance being converted.

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Q: How many ml are in a gram?
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1 gram is equal to how many mL?

You can not change a gram to a ml

How many ml equals 20 gram?

1 gram= 1 ml so 20 ml =20 gram

How many grams are 240 ml?

You can not convert gram to ml.

How many ml makes 1 gram?

It depends on what are you measuring. For water/ milk etc, 1 ml makes 1 gram. For honey, 0.7 ml makes 1 gram. For gasoline 1.4 ml makes 1 gram.

How many gram are in ml?

One milliliter of water weighs one gram. Therefore 1g = 1 ml.

How many ml in 150gram?

150 gram of water is 150 ml.

How many ml are gr?

1 ml of water is 1 gram.

How many ML in 25grams?

Assuming fresh water with density 1 gram/cc or 1 gram/ml Then Answer 25 grams = 25 ml

How many mL are in one gram?


How many mL are there in a gram?

mL, milliliters are a measure of volume, gram is a measure of weight. Can't convert, like saying how many inches in a cup.

How many mcg equal 3 milliliter?

assuming density of 1g/ml, a gram equals a ml. therefore 1,000,000micrograms in a gram. Answer is 3,000,000 micrograms in a ml

How many milliletrs equal a gram?

1 ml of water is 1 gram.

When a dosage of 8.0 gram has been ordered and the strength available is 1 gram in 205 ml how many ml are there?

Multiply 205 ml by 8. So 205 * 8 = 1640 ml.

How many milileters of chicken stock are in a gram?

There are about 5 ml of chicken stock are in a gram.

Is a gram the same as a ml?

A gram is the weight of 1 ml of water.

How many ml is equl to 1 grm?

1 gram of water is 1 ml.

How many grams of sugar in 1 ml?

There is 1 gram of sugar in 1 ml.

How many grams in 275 ml?

275 gram

How many ml are in 1 gram of water?


How many milliliter are in 170 gram?

170000 ml

How many ml in 16 gram?

This cannot be sensibly answered. Milliliters (mL or ml) is a measure of volume, grams is a measure of weight or mass.

How many mL in 15g?

Assuming fresh water at density 1 gram/cubic centimeter or 1 gram/ml Then, 15 grams = 15/1 = 15 ml

How many mg are there in a ml?

That depends. For example, 1 ml of water has a mass of 1000 mg or 1 gram; 1 ml of lead has a mass of 11340 mg or 11.34 gram; 1 ml of titanium has a mass of 4507 mg or 4.507 gram etcetera.

One ml equals how many grams?

1 ml of water weighs 1 gram.

How many ml in 60 grams?

1 ml = 1 gram