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"Mean Streets" (1973)

"Goodfellas" (1990)

"Casino" (1995)

"Gangs of New York" (2002) 1800's mobs

"The Departed" (2006)

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How many movies have martin scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio made together?

They have made 5 movies togetherGangs of New YorkThe AviatorThe DepartedShutter IslandAnd the up and coming The Wolf of Wall Street

How many movies has Martin Scorsese directed?

48. The first was "Vesuvius VI" (1959). His latest announced film will be "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" (2011).

How many films has Martin Scorsese directed?

As of April 2013, Martin Scorsese has directed 54 films, including well known films such as: Goodfells, Raging Bull, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, and Shutter Island

How many movies has Martin Sheen played in?

Martin Sheen in 93 movies between the years 1967 and 2009.

How many Oscars has martin scorsese won?

Scorsese's only Oscar win was the 2006 Best Director award he won for "The Departed."

How many Martin Scorsese movies has Robert De Niro appeared in?

Robert De Niro has appeared in 8 Martin Scorsese films so far (and one American Express commercial), with a 9th film on the way:Mean Streets (1973)Taxi Driver (1976)Raging Bull (1980)After Hours (1985)Goodfellas (1990)Cape Fear (1991)Casino (1995)The Departed (2006)I Heard You Paint Houses (coming soon)

How many Academy Awards has Martin Scorsese won?

Scorsese's first and only Academy Award was the 2006 Best Director Oscar he won for "The Departed."

How many movies has Disney made?

They have made 51 movies.

How many movies did Dean Martin Make?

He participated in a little more than 60 movies.

How many Hercules movies were made?

1000000000 hercules movies were made.

How many Cleopatra movies were made?

There are about 17 Cleopatra movies that were made.

What movies does Steve Martin appear in?

he starred in many movies, the most famous of which was probably Father of the Bride

How many movies has John Cena made?

He has only made 2 movies!

How many movies has Universal Studios made?

3,424 Movies have been made by Universal.

How many times has Martin Scorsese lost an Oscar?

Before winning an Oscar as Best Director for The Departed(2006), he was nominated twice for Adapted Screenplay and five times for direction.

How many silent movies were made?

Some scientists might know how many silent movies were made. Personally, I do not know, for silent movies were made quite a long time ago.

How many movies has Amitabh Bachchan made?

Amitabh Bachchan has made around 150 movies.

Georges Méliès made how many movies?

George Melies made 500 movies in total

How many movies were made in the 1920' s?

90 movies were made in the 1920's.

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