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If you are an adult and still have your wisdom teeth, the you have 12 molars. If your wisdom teeth have been removed, you have 8 molars, unless on or more of them have been removed in the corse of your life.

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Q: How many molars do you have?
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How many molars does an adult have?

There are 8 molars.

How many pre molars do humans have?

humans have 4 pre molars

How many molars do people have?

People have 12 molars. 6 on bottom and 6 on top.

Say how many different types of teeth you have and name them?

4 types: Molars, Pre-molars, Canines and incisors.

How many molar teeth?

either 8 molars or 12 molars. It can vary. Most people, at least, have 8.

How many molars do humans have?


How many molars do you lose?


How many molars do you keep?

it depends

How many molers do you have?

Most people have 12 permanent molars. Children have 8 primary molars that are replaced by permanent premolars.

How many incisors are next to the molars?

None. There are 2 premolars between the incisor and the molars on each side of both jaws.

How many molars do you have in your mouth?

in your mouth you have 12 molars 6 on the top and on 6 on the bottom In your mouth you have 12 molars. 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom. tbh, currently I only have 3.

How many molars in child's mouth?

How many adult teethdo we have

Do your molars grow back?

Adult molars do not grow back. Infant molars are replaced by adult molars, so in a sense, infant molars do grow back.

How many molars does an African elephant have?


How many teeth do raptors have?

24 and they had no molars.

How many roots do mandibular molars have?


how many molars does a 12 year old have?

8 but am not sure

Are baby molars suppost to fall out?

Yes,the molars after the canines and the molars after that, making eight baby molars in total.

Are you suppose to lose your molars?

Many people have their 3rd molars extracted as teenagers; those are called "wisdom teeth", because they grow in later in adolescence. But you generally do not lose the 1st and 2nd molars unless you have some dental problems.

How many molars should a 2 yr old have?

A two year old child has four molars on each jaw which are located at the site of premolars There are no premolars in a human child. The dental formula formula is 2120 there are no premolars the molars are in the premolars category

Who many molars do you have including your wisdom teeth?


How many roots do permanent maxillary molars have?


How many roots do upper molars have?

Normally, upper molars have three roots. I have seen strange ones with four, and again sometimes second or third upper molars may have their roots fused together and appear to only have one or two.

How many molars are there in a full set of permanent teeth?


Do you have baby molars?

Yes,I have baby molars