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2 moles or roughly 12E23 atoms.

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How do you convert molecules to grams?

You first divide the amount of molecules by avagadros number (6.022x10^23) to find out how many moles you have. Then you find out the molecular weight of the compound. You multiply the number of moles by the molecular weight to give you your weight in grams.

How many moles of O2 molecules are there in 24.0g of O2 molecules?

O2 molecular weight = 32 --- so 24g/32g/m= 0.75 moles

How many moles in NaCHO3?

A mole is a defined number of atoms/molecules of an element/compound. Therefore, the number of moles of NaCHO3 will depend on the mass of NaCHO3 that you have. To calculate the number of moles in a known sample, divide the mass of the sample (in grams) by the molecular weight.

How many moles are there in 4.6 x 1024 molecules of H2SO4?

Molecular mass of H2SO4= 98.1 grams4.60 × 1024 molecules / (6.02 × 1023 molecules) = 7.64 moles H2SO4

Which has more molecules 16g of CO or 20g of N2?

There are 6.023x10^23 molecules in one mole of a compound. So now, you have to find how many moles of each compound you have. CO's molecular weight is (12+16) = 28 g/mol N2's molecular weight is (14+14) = 28 g/mol So you find the moles of each. moles of N2 = 20g/ 28g/mol = .714 moles moles of CO = 16g / 28 g/mol = .571 moles So, N2 has (.714 *6.023x10^23) has 4.3 x10^23 molecules and CO (.571 *6.023x10^23) has 3.4x10^23 molecules. So, 20g of N2 has more molecules than 16g of CO

0.871 moles is how many grams?

Multiply the number of moles by the molecular weight of the compound (or atomic weight for an element) to find the mass in grams.

How many molecules are in 1 mol of a molecular compound?

6.023x 1023 molecules. Also known as Avagadro's Number

How many atoms in 2 moles of iron?

one mole of a compound contain 6.022x1023 particles(molecules) and therefor in two moles of iron there will be 2x6.022x1023 molecules.since atomic state of iron(Fe)is its molecular state,IT WILL CONTAIN 2X6.022X1023 iron atoms...

How many molecules are there in 60.0g of acetic acid C2H402?

Find the moles using the formula: moles= grams/molecular mass In this case, molecular mass = 24+4+32 = 60g/mol so 66/60 = 1.1 moles Then, using avogadro's constant, work out the number of molecules. n(molecules) = number of moles x 6.02x10^23 =1.1x 6.02x 10^23 =?

How do you find the number of moles in a compound?

First, weigh the compound. Get the chemical formula, so that you can determine how many atoms of each element are present in the molecule. Look up the gram molecular weight of each element in that compound, using the periodic table of elements. You can then put that information together to get the gram molecular weight of the molecule in question. Then divide the weight of the compound that you have, by the gram molecular weight, and the result is the number of moles.

How many molecules are in 0.0458 moles of c6h12O6?

There are alwys 6.02*10+23 molecules in 1 (ONE) mole. unimportant of what kind of compound this is.

How many molecules are there in 230g of CoCl2?

To answer this question you need the molecular weight of CoCl2. CoCl2 molecular weight is 129.84 g/mole 230g CoCl2 divided by the molecular weight 230 g / 129.84 g/mole = 1.77 moles of CoCl2 Multiply the moles by Avagodro's number 1.77 mole * 6.022 X 1023 molecules/mole = 1.07 X 1024 molecules of CoCl2

How many molecules of sulfur tetrafluoride are present in 2.13 moles of this compound?

There are 1.28x10^24 molecules of SF4. 2.13 mol * 6.022x10^23 molecules/mol = 1.28x10^24 molecules.

How many moles of oxygen would be needed to produce 20 moles of CO2?

40 moles of oxygen atoms would be required, but because oxygen usually occurs as diatomic molecules, only 20 moles of molecular oxygen would be required.

How many molecules are in 140gm of nitrogen gas?

140g/28 (i.e. molecular weight of 14+14) is 5 moles N2. 5x 6.022 x1023 is 3.011x1024 molecules.

How many moles in 1.25 grams of HClO3?

HClO3 molecular weight is 84.46g/mol. moles is mass/molecular weight. 1.25/84.46 is 0.0179999 moles

How many representative particles are in 1.45 g of a molecular compound with a molar mass of 237g?

There are 1,45/237 = 0,00612 moles of the compound. Multiplying this amount of substance with Avogadro's number gives us the number of residing molecules: 0,00612 x 6,022*1023 = 3,68*1021 particles.

Is AlP an ionic or molecular compound?

AlP is a solid and it is not molecular. The difference in electronegativity is only 0.58. The bonding is It is best described as polar covalent . There are many compounds that are not molecular but are covalent giant molecules.

How many moles are in 500 liters?

You have to say which chemical you have 500 liters of. Moles are not a unit of volume, they refer to a specific number (Avogadro's number) of molecules, and different substances have different molecular sizes.

How many moles are in 4.651024 molecules of NO2?

4.651024 molecules of NO2 equals 7,721 moles.

How many molecules are there in 1.5 moles of water?

The number of molecules in 1.5 moles of water is 9,033.10e23.

How many molecules are in 5 moles of argon?

5 moles of argon contain 30,110704285.10e23 molecules.

How many molecules are in 23.0 moles of oxygen?

23 moles of oxygen contain 138,509.10e23 molecules.

How many moles are in 272g?

It depends on what the subtance is, i.e. whether there is 272g of copper, sodium chloride, lithium hydroxide or what. The way to calculate the amount of a subtance in moles is to divide the mass of the substance (in grams) by the atomic mass, molecular mass or formula mass of the element, molecular compound or ionic compound respectively, as the case may be.

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