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How many moles of gold Au are in 3.60X10-5 of gold?

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If 3,6 x 10-5 is grams the number of atoms is 1,1.10e17.

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6.1010 g of gold is equivalent to 3,046.108 moles.

1 mole of gold is 196.97 grams. 7.2 mol Au * (196.97 g Au/1 mol Au) = 1418.18 g There are 1418.18 grams in 7.2 moles of gold.

Step 1: Find out atomic mass of gold From periodic table, atomic mass of gold, Au is 197. Step 2: Apply formula to calculate moles Amount of Au = mass of sample / atomic mass of Au = 51.06 / 197 = 0.259mol Hence there is 0.259 moles of gold present in a 51.06g pure sample.

2.61 X 10^24 atoms of gold (1 mole Au/6.022 X 10^23) = 4.33 moles of gold

1 ounce = 31.1g ? = 31.1/197

Well, firstly you need to know if it is pure gold. Assuming that it is, convert the grams to moles 19.7g Au x 1molAu/197.0gAu = 0.1moles Au And then, to get the number of atoms in 0.1 moles of gold, multiply it by Avogadro's number, 6.22x10^23 atoms per mole 0.1mol Au x 6.22x10^23atoms/mole = 6.22x10^22

Let's see. 3 moles gold (197.0 grams/1 mole Au) = 591 grams of gold ----------------------------- 10 mole iron (55.85 grams/1 mole Fe) = 558.5 grams of iron ----------------------------- So, 3 moles of gold has more mass that 10 moles of iron. (heavier)

1 mole of atoms of an element = 6.022 x 1023 atoms.1 mole of an element = atomic weight in grams.1 g = 1000mg1 mole Au atoms = 6.022 x 1023 atoms1 mole Au = 196.96655g AuConvert mg Au to g Au.0.0148mg Au x (1g/1000mg) = 0.0000148g AuConvert mass Au to moles Au.0.0000148g x (1mole Au/196.96655g Au) = 0.0000000751 mole AuConvert moles Au to atoms Au.0.0000000751 mole Au x (6.022 x 1023 atoms Au/1mole Au) = 4.52 x 1016 atoms Au

First look up the atomic mass of gold on the periodic table: Gold, with atomic symbol Au, has an atomic mass of 196.9 grams/mole. Then simply take 15.3 moles of gold and multiply by 196.9 grams/mole to get 3008 grams, which is equal to 3.01 kilograms (kg) gold.

Au-gold has 79 electrons.

In one mole of a substance there are 6.0221415 x 1023 we have 1.75 moles, so there will be 6.0221415 x 1023 x 1.75 molecules in this amount of gold.That will be 10.5387476 x 1023

For this you need the atomic mass of Au. Take the number of grams and divide it by the atomic mass. Multiply by one mole for units to cancel.355 grams Au / (197.0 grams) = 1.80 moles Au

The is only one element in Au: gold.

gold is a pure substance = no compounds - Au

Au is the atomic symbol for the element Gold. Au is technically 100% gold, because Au only stands for gold, and no other element.

Au, from Aurum, Latin for gold.

Au is gold. Gold is a metal.

This depends on the mass of the gold sample.

Gold is abbreviated Au from the Latin word for gold.

The mass of 1 mole of an element is its atomic weight in grams.1 mole of an element is 6.022 x 1023 atoms of that element.Known/Given:1 mol Au = 196.96655g Au (atomic weight in grams)1 mol Au = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Au (Avagadro's number)1000g = 1 kgConvert kilograms to grams.1.500kg Au x (1000g/1kg) = 1500g AuConvert grams to moles.1500gAu x (1mol Au/196.96655g Au) = 7.616mol AuConvert moles to atoms.7.616mol Au x (6.022 x 1023 atoms Au) = 4.586 x 1024 atoms Au

Au is the chemical symbol for the element gold.

Au is the elemental symbol for gold, from the Latin name for gold, aurum.

"Au" is abreviated from the Latin word for gold Aurum

Au is from the Latin name for gold, which is aurum.

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