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How many months does it take a women to give birth to a baby?

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it takes 9 months for a woman to give birth to a child........

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Is it possible for the women to give a birth to a baby in 8 months?

Yes! Sometimes, baby won't wait!

How many days excess does it take a women to give birth to a baby?

It takes 9 months till the baby is fully diveloped

How many months will a goat give birth?

With in six months a goat can give birth a baby goat after mating

After how many months does a woman give birth to a baby?

roughly nine months (:

How do gay people give birth?

gay women give birth exactly the same way that straight women give birth. The baby passes out of the womb and through the birth canal.

Why a woman knows she is about give birth when she her water break?

A women knows when her water breaks that she is about to give birth because the water that comes out the women is what protects the baby in the womb. Once the liquid is released the baby has nothing to protect it anymore. The women has to give birth...

Describe the treatment of women at the humanist schools?

to give birth to the baby

Does boys have uterus?

No, they do not. Only girls and women have it. The uterus is the place inside the woman where the baby will grow for nine months, before it is delivered. Men and boys do not need a uterus, because they do not give birth to a baby.

Can women give birth in the 10th month?

All women give birth in the Tenth "Lunar month", that is a month of 28 days. Also, some women have prolonged pregnancies up to 11 months, as well as short ones as short as 6 and a half months.

Does dolphin give birth to young or eggs?

Dolphins are mammals, so they give birth to a live baby dolphin. A mother dolphin gives birth in the water, and her baby is called a "calf." It takes about twelve months for it to be born.

How many months does it take for an elephant to have a baby?

Elephants have the longest gestation time in the animal kingdom. A female will carry a baby for 22 months before giving birth. Elephants give birth standing up, and the baby falls to the ground.

What does eel give birth to?

Eel give birth to baby. a baby eel

Where do Muslim women give birth?

As other women; they give birth in hospitals.

Why do women have to give birth?

Women give birth because the fetus reaches full term, and the body initiates childbirth. because eve bit the apple first therefore women go through the pain of having a baby

Why do women have to give birth to a baby?

So that there will be more generations and more people everywhere on earth.

How many months intil baby hamsters?

It will take about 16 days for a mother hamster to give birth.

How long does it take for a monkey to give birth?

The baby monkey is in the moms stomach from 5 to 7 months.........

Is it possible to give birth in six months pregnant and the baby survive without doctors?

Without doctors no.

How long do elephants take to give birth?

An elephant is pregnant 22 Months before having its baby.

Can a woman give birth when she is 3 months and a half pregnant?

No that would be a miscarriage. No baby will survive it that early.

Where does a rhinoceros give birth to her young?

Mother rhinos typically give birth to one calf during the summer and fall months. The female will choose to give birth in a safe location that has plenty of food to support her and her baby.

Do the Chinese women get hit to death if they have given birth to a female baby?

No they don;t get hit to death if they give birth to a female

Does it hurts to give birth?

Yes, it does hurt a lot to give birth, but practically all moms feel that it was worth it to give birth and have their baby. Some women, however, use epidural anesthesia to relieve pain.

How many months can dog give birth again after giving birth in two weeks?

Dogs can give birth in 4 months after one birth.

Can a guinea pig give birth to a further baby two months after her first litter?

yes if it had a lot of sex