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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: How many months is an auto policy for New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company?
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Is there an auto insurance company in New Jersey that offers temporary insurance?

What you mean by temporary, if it's six months some companies can insure you, I suggest you view offers from different companies in your area.

How long does it take for an insurance company to make a decision if the at fault party can not be reached?

Two months.

If the shop estimated 30 days for repair but eight months have passed should the insurance company have declared it a total loss?

8 MONTHS???!! I would think so, but 8 months is way too long. Personally I would have been on both the bodyshop's and insurance company's butt after day 31.

Where can I go in Texas to get some temporary insurance for six months?

Any licensed car insurance company can write a policy for you. Most companies only write car insurance policies for 6 months so that should be easy to find.

Does freeway insurance offer interest free for so many months?

Freeway insurance offers monthly payment plans as low as $15 per month on their insurance plans. They are an insurance broker and not an insurance company themselves.

What can i do about insurance company having my car for four months and still not fixed?

Why would the insurance company have your vehicle at all? Your insurance contract states the company will repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of your vehicle at their option. There is obviously more to this story. If you clarify, perhaps I can help you.

I had a hot water heater leak about two months ago now kitchen floor has gone bad what will insurance company pay for?

I had a hot water heater leak about two months ago now kitchen floor has gone bad what will insurance company pay for?

Have you heard of a company called Cobra Insurance in the United States?

There is no company called Cobra Insurance. What you're thinking about is COBRA insurance, which stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which for most people its main usage is allowing you to basically pay your premiums for your old job's insurance when you leave the company until you get new insurance or 18 months.

Is insurance company still liable for medical payments even you no longer carry that insurance?

The insurance should cover an accident while it was in force. If you had insurance 2 months ago and the accident happened 2 months ago, coverages should apply. If the accident happened today and the coverage stopped 2 months ago, there should not be coverage.

How many inventory cycles in a year?

How many inventory cycles in a year depends entirely on your company policy and the policy you have agreed with your insurance company. It could be that every six months you have to conduct a stock-take (for insurance purposes). Some companies may hold a stock-take every three months - there is not hard or fast rules. Most companies take advice from their insurance company.

Where can you get a copy of your Explanation of Benefits?

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a form or document that may be sent to you by your insurance company several months after you had a healthcare service that was paid by the insurance company. You should get an EOB if you have private health insurance, a health plan from your employer, or Medicare.

If you lend your car to someone for a few months do they need insurance?

They really should have their own insurance if it will be a long period of time like a few months. However if they don't, your insurance will cover them if they only think the car was borrowed for a "short" period of time. If the period is long, your insurance company wants you to add them as a driver on your insurance which can raise your rates.

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