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How many more bucks does it cost to trade a wii in for a xbox 360 at gamestop?

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There are many variables on the ammount offered, what model 360 you have, the age of it, condition and the current market values as determined by gamestop that can change often.

Why would anyone want to trade a working PS3 for a PS2. A new PS3 costs much more than a PS2, but a used PS3 traded in might now get enough trade in credit for a new PS2 at Gamestop. On October 15 2011 many Gamestop's do not have an inventory of new PS2s so it would also depend which Gamestop you went to.

1,000,000 so i suggest to just buy one:)

They have made an action replay for the DS. You can buy it at Target, Walmart, Play N Trade, and Gamestop. They cost about 20 dollars and you can find many cooler codes by going onto Google.

PS2 have been out since 2000 and over 150 million have been sold. There trade in value is not very high Amazon has some PS2 trade in values at only $16. You could only use the trade in toward the purchase of a Nintendo Wii because it will cost many times what you will be given for trade in value. Gamestop might also give a credit toward trade in but would never exchange a Wii for a PS2

You can sell it many places craigslist eBay game crazy gamestop or and close by sell-trade-buy stores Hope it helped

Whoaw hold it there bud. You didn't list the games or system. But even if it's the rarest game in the world, Gamestop gives you nothing. You'll be lucky for 10$ altogether. Trade them in at a Game Traders store, or place a personal ad somewhere.

PS2 game prices vary with the title, condition and whether the manual and original case are in perfect condition. The price is also different depending on whether you sell them yourself or trade them in. Many titles have very little value because of high inventory and very little demand whether you try to sell them yourself or to trade them in. On Ebay many games go unsold even when the auction starts at .99. Other more popular games are in high demand and sell quickly. Gamestop sells some games for the PS2 at just below the new cost. Look at the Gamestop prices for an ideal whether your game is in demand. Gamestop will not give you there selling price for trade in. They are a business.

There are approximately 1,000,000 bucks in a megabuck.

approximately 1,000,000 bucks are in a mega buck.

PS4 system $399 Call of Duty Ghosts Bundle $459 same with many other game bundles

Gamestop wants more for a used PSP than most other places or $100-120 depending on the model. Amazon wants $130 new for Gamestop's 120 dollar used model and also will purchase your games for trade in value. PS2 games do not trade in for the high prices that they were purchased for and at either location you may need a grocery bag of games to get your PSP

Not much, but it depends on what games they are and how many of them they have in stock.

There are many many places, but I recamend GameStop.

Sure many Game stores will give you a couple of bucks for your PS2 whether you purchase a PS3 or not. It's not really a trade because you must come up with almost full price on the PS3 and then pay Taxes.

Store hours will vary by location but many Gamestop stores were open on Easter Sunday 2012.

it will cost A LOT, at least a couple hundred thousand bucks (over many years), but then again brain surgeons can make 500,000 a year, so it really doesnt matter.

It always depends on the game title. Gamestop does not buy every PS2 game offered because they have enough of many titles and no customers for the unwanted games of many titles. Some are still popular and are always purchased by them and sell out when they have there buy 2 get 2 free used game sales

No you can return it to the store if it is still new. The amazon price on the Xbox 360 Kinect bundle was $299.99 and they give a $75 gift card with purchase for December 28 2011 and many other days since Black Friday. Gamestop is in the business of selling systems and games and would not give you a trade only a credit far below what they will sell your system for.

if you have $100 then you can buy a lot

No many are in malls and have their hours

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Depends on the game title many are only a couple or a few dollars. Some are only a few dollars less than the new cost.

---- 1000 is only 10 bucks 10000 is a hundred bucks

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