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Can't speak for NORTH Vietnam, but South Vietnam had millions during the war.

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What is the main mode of transportation in Vietnam?

Mostly motorbikes are used in Vietnam

What transportation is umost used Vietnam?

Most civilians in RVN used motorbikes.

How many motorbikes are in India?

There are over 2.5 million motorbikes in the India. Motorbikes in India is used mainly for transport. Many youths that would be unemployed have been absorbed thanks to the motorbikes.

What are BMW motorbikes famous her?

BMW motorbikes are famous for many reasons. These motorbikes have been shown in many thrillers and racing movies; They are popular for their speed and quality.

Were motorbikes made in the world war?

Yes motorbikes were used by the Allied and Axis armies. There weren't too many made for civilians, but, the armies of waring nations used plenty of motorbikes.

What transport did the Top Gear boys use in Vietnam?

Motorbikes well clarkson had a scooter Hammond a Minsk and James a Honda supacub

Can you buy motorbikes in the sims2?

No you carnt by motorbikes it is only cars.

Are motorbikes fast?

For the most part, yes. Many are too fast.

Where are motorbikes coming from on YoVille?

Motorbikes are already available in YoVille. You can purchase them from the car store.

What was used before motorbikes?

before motorbikes people would use horses alot more for the same stuff e.g. people used horses to do farming an now they use motorbikes

Is the loudest burp louder than a motorcycle?

all motorbikes are different so i guess some motorbikes could be quieter?

What is the average cost of a kids motorbike?

Target's online website has a number of kid's motorbikes for sale. The price of the motorbikes vary depending on the features of the bike. The motorbikes on this website range in price between approximately $220 and $470.

How do they travel in Vietnam?

There are many motorbikes/scooters in the cities, and these far outnumber cars. There are taxis (although they are expensive compared to the general price of things), as well as Xe Oms (motorbike taxis) - which are usually half the price of a taxi. There are also trains and domestic flights for longer journeys.

Where can one go to find local listings for motorbikes for sale in his or her home town?

You can find local listings for motorbikes for sale in your home town at the Cycle Trader website. Once on the page, you can find motorbikes for sale by State and County.

What materials are used to make motorbikes?

Many different materials are used to make motorbikes. The most commonly used materials include: Steel, chrome, aluminum, plastic (For the covering), rubber (For the tires), and vinyl/leather or foam (for the seats).

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