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How many mountains are there in Australia?

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Whilst Australia is generally a flat country, it does have many geographical features classified as mountains. These include mountains of the Australian Alps such as Mount Kosciuszko, Mt Townsend, Mt Twynam and Mt Bogong. North Queensland has a number of significant mountains, such as Bartle Frere. However, for a comprehensive list of Australian mountains, go to:

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How many kilometres is it from Blue Mountains to Sydney?

The distance from Blue Mountains, Australia to Sydney, Australia is 99.2 kilometers.

What are the mountains called in Australia?


How many tallest mountains does Australia have?

Australian mountains are not highest in the world. But WOLLUMBIN-mt WARNING at New SouthWales is 1156 ft long. This is no one in Australia

What is the territory with many high mountains?

if in Australia i would have to say Sydney

Are there mountains in Australia?

yesYes.Being the oldest continent by many millenia the mountains are more eroded and lower than in places where they are still growing (like the Himalayas), but they are still mountains.While the central part of Australia is indeed a great flat plain, Australia does indeed have some fine mountains, the most famous of which are the Snowy Mountains. The link below will give you a list of all Australia's mountains.

Are the Snowy Mountains snowy?

From early Winter to early Spring, the Snowy Mountains in Australia are indeed snowy. There are many ski resorts there.

How much land do mountains take up in Australia?

Australia is a very old continent that is the middle of a techtonic plate so ther is litle movement under its surface. the mountains that we do have are very eroded. there are not many mountains ranges in Australia. the blue mountains is one of the major ranges. i know this doesnt answer the question but try a year 10 text book.

Is Australia mountainous or a desert?

Australia has both mountains and deserts.

Which continent has the fewest mountains?


Is there any mountains or rivers in Australia?


Why doesn't Australia have very small mountains?

Australia has very small mountains because all of the mountains it does have, it has been gradually worn away by the effects of the sun, water and wind.

Where in Australia are the Glasshouse Mountains?

The Glasshouse Mountains are in southeast Queensland, in Caboolture shire.

In which state of Australia are the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains are in New South Wales.

Does Australia have mountains valleys and beaches?

Australia is renowned for its long coastlines of fantastic beaches. There are plenty of rugged mountains and deep valleys and ravines.

Where in Australia have yowies been sighted?

Yowies have been sighted in many places in Australia. Places such as the Blue Mountains - New South Wales AND Kilcoy - Queensland. =)

What mountains dominate the east coast of Australia?

These mountains are known as the Great Dividing Range.

What percentage of Australia is covered in mountains?


Where can you find ski slopes in Australia?

on mountains

Are the blue mountains in Australia really blue?


What country are the blue mountains in?


Is mountains an abiotic factor in sydney Australia?


Which mountains in Australia are fold mountain?


What direction are the mountains in Australia?

East to west

Are the Blue Mountains the highest in Australia?

No. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia. The Blue Mountains are known for their ruggedness, their sheer cliffs and their steep ravines.

Why is the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme important?

The Snowy Mountains Scheme was very important for Australia- it was the largest ever engineering scheme in Australia, it provided hydro power and also irrigation in the Murray River area, it attracted many immigrants who worked on it and many became Australian citizens. Suggest you read the Wikipedia article 'Snowy Mountains Scheme'