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in total there Of 288 mountains in Canada

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its 288 mountains

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Q: How many mountains does Canada have?
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Is Canada flat?

No. Canada is not flat. there are many mountains in British Colombia.

Does Canada have mountains?

Yes, There is lots of Mountains in Canada...

How many mountains are in Canada?

There's over 9000

Are there 10 mountains in Canada?

No, many more than that!

How many mountains in Canada?

There's over 9000

Mountains beginning with the letter I?

· Innuitian Mountains (Canada) · Insular Mountains (Canada)

Where in Canada do they have mountains?

Canada has mountains in the very west in British Columbia. They are called the "Rocky Mountains". Canada shares the mountains with the United States.

Which mountains are in America and Canada?

The Rocky mountains are in America and Canada

Does Canada have any mountains?

Yes, There is lots of Mountains in Canada...

What are some mountains that start with the letter I?

· Innuitian Mountains (Canada) · Insular Mountains (Canada)

What northern territory in Canada has many mountains?

Yukon Territories

Is the Appalachian mountains in Canada?

yesNo The Rocky Mountains Are In Canada. The Appalachian Mountains Are In New York

What kind of landscape does Canada have?

Canada has many different types of landscapes like mountains, prairies, forests, and and artic landscape aswell.

Is there any mountains in canada?

Canada has a great many mountain ranges from east to west and north to south. There are probably tens of thousands of mountains in Canada, the second biggest country in the world (the biggest is Russia).

Highest mountains in canada?

saint elais mountains

Which mountains extend into southeastern Canada?

rocky mountains

Where in Canada are mountains located?

The Rocky Mountains are in Alberta.

How are the mountains of western Canada?

Parts of the rocky mountains.

What are the mountains that stretch from Alabama to Canada?

The Appalachian Mountains

What mountains are in both Canada and the us?

The Rocky Mountains

What are the folds and volcanic mountains in Canada?

Fold mountains are defined as mountains created by the bending of rock layers. Volcanic mountains are mountains created by breaks in the Earth's crust. In Canada, there are many examples. For example, the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains are fold mountains. The Canadian Shield and the coastal ranges along the North American west coast are examples of volcanic mountains.

What mountains are there in Canada?

The Rocky Mountains as well as a little bit of the Appalachian Mountains

What is the terrain in Canada?

Canada terrain are mountains and animals

What are the names of the mountain ranges in Canada?

There are a few mountain ranges in Canada-- the Coast Mountains, the Purcells, the Kootenays, the Rocky Mountains, the Birch Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains are some of them.

Is the Rocky Mountains the highest mountains in Canada?

no the rocky mountains are not the highest mountains in Canada because the highest mountain in Canada in Mount Logan. The Highest are the St.Elias Mountain range which holds Mt.Logan at 5,559m So no the rockies are not the tallest in canada the St.Elia Mt.Range is.......