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How many movements should be felt a day at 22 weeks pregnant?


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2015-07-15 19:04:35
2015-07-15 19:04:35

This may vary from person to person at 22 weeks. If your are a more lean build you may feel a whole lot of movement as early as 16 weeks. I am about 22 weeks and my baby moves in cluster at time or a lot when my bladder is full. But some women don't feel anything at 22 weeks. Your baby may have his/her own pace and schedule so don't be worried. If you have no movement at all and you are starting to stress about it I would definitely go in to my Doc and be reassured by 1.listening to me baby's heartbeat 2. checking my fundal height 3.asking plenty of questions. Good luck


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No, there is no reason to worry yet. You don't normally start to feel movements until 16-22 weeks.

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No, the baby is still too small for any movements to be felt for many more weeks.

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Actually at six weeks pregnant you cannot feel any movements at all by my knowledge. You may think it's the baby but it may be gas or other things going on with you. Fetal movements can be felt at 20 weeks or more i believe. Google it but i am sure you can't feel movements that soon.

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no pregnancy is different therefore you should not be pressured

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Well I know as early as 8 weeks pregnant my abdomen felt very hard if I pushed on it, whereas when not pregnant I could push in pretty far if I poked by belly.

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