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This may vary from person to person at 22 weeks. If your are a more lean build you may feel a whole lot of movement as early as 16 weeks. I am about 22 weeks and my baby moves in cluster at time or a lot when my bladder is full. But some women don't feel anything at 22 weeks. Your baby may have his/her own pace and schedule so don't be worried. If you have no movement at all and you are starting to stress about it I would definitely go in to my Doc and be reassured by 1.listening to me baby's heartbeat 2. checking my fundal height 3.asking plenty of questions. Good luck

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Q: How many movements should be felt a day at 22 weeks pregnant?
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I am 17 weeks pregnant and have felt no fetal movement should I be worried?

No, there is no reason to worry yet. You don't normally start to feel movements until 16-22 weeks.

Should i be worried that I haven't felt my baby move at 19 weeks pregnant?

no pregnancy is different therefore you should not be pressured

How can you feel your baby move at six weeks?

Actually at six weeks pregnant you cannot feel any movements at all by my knowledge. You may think it's the baby but it may be gas or other things going on with you. Fetal movements can be felt at 20 weeks or more i believe. Google it but i am sure you can't feel movements that soon.

How should your belly feel if you are 13 weeks pregnant?

Well I know as early as 8 weeks pregnant my abdomen felt very hard if I pushed on it, whereas when not pregnant I could push in pretty far if I poked by belly.

Im 25 weeks pregnant and havent felt the baby move in the past four days is that normal?

The movements are probably very small and you didn't notice them. Call your doctor so not to worry.

Should you be worried if you haven't felt the baby move for a few days when you are 27 weeks pregnant?

Yes, go and see your midwife or doctor ASAP

Can a woman feel that she is pregnant within 3 weeks?

yes!! i found out i was pregnant at three weeks. I just felt different and sure enough i got a faint positive.

You are only 4 weeks pregnant and felt flutters is this possible?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and my ob tech as well as the sonographer, both say this is impossiable because at four weeks your baby has not developed enough weight to be felt. Most women are just becoming aware of there pregnancy at this point.

What does it mean when the baby is moving at 10 weeks?

Its highly unlikely that you can feel fetal movements at ten weeks, the fetus is active, but does not weigh enough and is not strong enough to be felt. Chances are, what you are perceiving as fetal movements are more likely gas bubbles.

I am 19 weeks pregnant I dont feel the movements of the baby is it okay?

It should be, if you are concerned talk to your OB/GYN. You probably won't feel your baby kick until around week 16 and 22, even though the baby has been moving since week 7 or 8. You may have already witnessed these movements during an ultrasound. This is often felt as a fluttering feeling or a grasshopper walking across your belly during the first movements.

You are 16 weeks pregnant and haven't felt your baby move is this okay?

Consult your doctor to make sure.

Can fetal movements be felt a seveen weeks next to the navel?

No, you cannot feel any movement at seven weeks. Your uterus hasn't even reached above your pelvic bone. Depending on your build, you can feel movement at 16 weeks. If you have been pregnant before, you can feel it as early as 12 weeks. What you are experiencing is probably gas or your BM moving in your intestines, or just bloated.

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