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Martin Sheen in 93 movies between the years 1967 and 2009.

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How many films were Martin and Charlie Sheen in?

Martin Sheen and his son Charlie appeared in two movies together: "Cadence" in 1989 and "Wall Street" in 1987.

In how many movies did both Martin Sheen and his son Charlie Sheen star?

Their best-remembered teaming was in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" (1987), in which they played a father and son. They also co-starred in the movie "Cadence" (1989).

Who is Michael Sheen and Martin Sheen what is relation?

Michael Sheen is an actor from Wales UK. He is known for his role as Aro in the twilight film series Lucian in the Underworld films as well as for his performances as David Frost, Tony Blaire, and the famous football (soccer) manager Brian Clough. Martin Sheen known for his role in many movies including Apocalypse now was actually born Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez. Charlie Sheen, Martin's son, was names Carlos Irwin Estevez and changed his name as well. Because of this Michael Sheen and Martin Sheen are not related in any way more than the rest of the world though they are often confused because of the similarities in their names.

How many times has martin sheen been arrested?

Around 60 times. way to many to count

What movies has Michael sheen been in?

Michael Sheen has been in about 55 films. Go to your preferred search engine and search "Michael Sheen filmography". This will give you many links to his filmography, but I recommend the IMDb link.

What is the best Charlie Sheen movie?

Charlie Sheen has made many movies and deciding which is best is down to one's personal opinion. Some of his best movies include Hot Shots, Major League, Wall Street and Platoon.

Who is the waiter in The Muppet Movie?

His name is Steve Martin, a famous comedian who has played in many movies including Cheaper by the Dozen.

How many movies played the song wildthing in it?

How many movies played the song "wildthing" in it

How many movies did Dean Martin Make?

He participated in a little more than 60 movies.

How many episodes and or movies of Christy did Kellie Martin star in and what are they?

The series is available on DVD, I think it is 3 or 4 discs. There were three movies after the TV series ended, but Kellie Martin was not in the movies nor was the man who played the preacher. The doctor and the Quaker woman who helped Christie were the original actors from the series.

What movies does Steve Martin appear in?

he starred in many movies, the most famous of which was probably Father of the Bride

What movies were Dean Martin In?

The Young Lions, Rio Bravo, The Sons of Katie Elder, Ocean's Eleven, and many more. Dean Martin also played the secret agent Matt Helm in four movies, and he and Jerry Lewis were a comedy team in several movies. A complete list may be obtained by visiting the Internet Movie Database.

How many movies were Sandra Bullock in?

Sandra Bullock is inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL THE MOVIES SHE PLAYED in she actually played in 31 movies.

What role did Rene Estevez play on West Wing?

Renee Estevez played one of President Bartlet's many secretary's. Her name on the show was Nancy. Her character played a minor part dispite her father, Martin Sheen playing the main character of President Bartlet.

In the movie The Parent Trap what was Annie's butler's name?

In the 1998 Lindsay Lohan version, his name is Martin. He is played by Simon Kunz. He has appeared in many, many television shows and movies.

In how many movies did both Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen star in?

Basically eleven. The first film they both appeared in was Badlands (1973), but Charlie was an uncredited extra. The first one they both starred in was a 1985 TV movie The Fourth Wise Man. And the most notable first time working together on a film was Wall Street (1987).

How many films are played in the 2010?

There were appoximately 376 movies that were in played in theaters in 2010. There are more movies that did not go to theaters first which means there are many more movies playing in 2010.

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