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The muscles that act on the second through fourth digits are:

  • extensor digitorum
  • extensor indicus
  • extensor digiti minimi
  • flexor digitorum superficialis
  • flexor digitorum profundus

The ones that act on the thumb and index finger are:

  • flexor pollicis longus
  • extensor pollicis longus
  • extensor pollicis brevis
  • abductor pollicis longus

The ones that only act on the fingers include:

  • thenar muscles
  • adductor pollicis
  • hypothenar muscles
  • lumbricles
  • dorsal interosse
  • palmar interossei

Then there are the ones most unique to humans, the opponens digiti minimi and the opponens hallucis.

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Q: How many muscles are in a human hand?
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