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How many muscles are there in the human body?

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There is no universally agreed definition of what a skeletal

muscle is, so there are differences of opinion as to where one

muscle ends and another begins, hence the variation in numbers.

There are also several small skeletal muscles in the human body

that may or may not be present in certain individuals due to

genetic factors. For example the palmaris longus muscle is not

present in approximately 14% of the population, and the peroneus

quartus is a muscle rarely found in the human body.

There is also another kind of muscle called smooth muscle, which

cannot be consciously controlled. It's near impossible to say how

many smooth muscles there are in the body since they can vary in

size greatly and are not exactly easy to count.

There are three types of muscles smooth, skeletal, and cardiac.

The cardiac and smooth are involuntary meaning you do not have to

think about them to work. Skeletal which as you can guess move your

skeleton are voluntary meaning you have to think about moving them

before they move.

Humans have between 650 and 850 muscles in their body. The range

of numbers is due to debate over muscle classification. Some

experts count 650 due to grouping related small muscles with the

same origins. Other experts believe the number is as high as 850

because each individual movement the muscles create.


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