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about 8 or 10

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Q: How many muscles are used while smiling?
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How many bones are used for smiling?

Bones are not used for smiling muscles are.

What muscles are used in smiling?

The muscles that are used in the process of smiling are the face muscles. There are twelve muscles that help the face to smile, a couple of them are, the Zygomaticus major and minor and the Levator anguli oris. There are of course 9 more that are included in the smile process. It is not clear exactly how many muscles are used when smiling. Some of the muscles used for smiling are the levator anguli oris, the levator labii superioris, the orbicularis oculi, the risorius, the zygomaticus major and minor.

How many muscles are used while frowning?

100 muscles

What muscles are used in smiling and frowning?

zygomaticus major and minor

How many muscles help you smile?

There are twelve muscles in the face that make it possible for a person to smile. Other muscles can be used along with smiling that can make this number jump to as many as twenty-two.

How many muscles in the body are used when you talk?

11 muscles are used in your body while talking.

What muscles are used while running?

Mostly your Quad muscles

What type of muscle do you used to smile?

Smiling is a facial expression, so the skeletal muscles of the face would be used. In particular the zygomaticus. or the ****** it makes me smile

What muscles are used while doing crunches?

Mainly just the abdominal muscles.

Used in smiling?

Zygomaticus is your smiling muscle

What muscles are used in roundohouse kick?

There are many muscles in the body that are used in a roundhouse kick. The abs are used, side muscles, thigh muscles, and the butt muscles.

What muscles are used while playing soccer?

your head

What muscles are used while participating in basketball?

all of them

What muscles do high knees use?

Muscles that are used while doing High Knees are Hamstrings

What muscle is the primary muscle used in smiling?

The Zygomaticus is the primary muscle used in smiling.

Which muscles are used walking downhill?

There are several muscles that are used for walking downhill. These include all of the leg muscles and many abdominal muscles.

What muscles are used while swimming butterfly?

your abdominal muscles, your bingo wings (your upper arms) thighs, possible calve muscles

How many leg muscles are used to drive?

Four muscles.

How many muscles used to swallow?

30 pairs of muscles

How many muscles are used to think?

Muscles are not used to think. The brain is composed of neurons.

What muscles are used while jogging in place?

the ham strings

What muscles are used while doing arm circles?


How many muscles do you work to jump?

Ideally your whole body will be used while doing jumping. But the primary muscles involved will be your leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves) and the muscles of your lower back, abdominal and but muscles.. The lung and heart muscles function at their optimum to compensate the stress on these muscle groups...

How many muscles are used holding the fork?

27 muscles dudes

How many muscles does it take to whistle?

It is unknown the exact number of muscles used to whistle. However, there are two muscles that are used the most, and they are the orbicularis oris and buccinator muscles.